My Insight Board by Cheryl

Yesterday on Instagram I shared a board I created that I call an Insight Board (you can read more about those here too). It’s like a vision or dream board, but it’s more about right now and how you’re feeling at this time. You might think you’d already know that, right? But not necessarily! I find that we often shoot our very achievable hopes and desires down because we’re focused on something else.

Insight Boards are a way to get in touch with what you really want now – versus what you wanted in the past, what you think you should want, or even what you’re hoping for in the future. This is about knowing you can have what you desire right now! And that puts you in a much more grounded, happy, and strong place to work from to create what you hope for next too. Plus just checking-in with yourself is such an important and beautiful gift – to allow yourself to be who you are, and to have what you want. An Insight Board is how I discover what is coming up for me, what I really want – things I may ignore or shove away in my focus on this task or that goal. Your life isn’t your goals – but often we live that way, as if they are the be all end all. So, here are a few simple steps to create a visual, intuitive collage to remind you of your deep needs and wants right now.

I begin with a question. It could be: “Who am I right now?”, or “What do I need?”, or “What makes my life joyous, free, delicious, etc?”. This week I asked, “What brings me the greatest joy in my daily life, now and for the near future?” And I asked that as well about my home, my calling, and my relationships. I made four separate boards because I wanted to get more specific. But generally I just make one and that gives me lots and lots of insight.

Next I gather a few supplies: Something to glue or tape things to (I use 12×12 cardstock), magazines, glue or double-stick tape, a scissors or paper cutter. Also a notebook and a pen.

Then I begin looking through magazines with my question in the back of my mind. I’m looking for images, words, and phrases that really resonate for me. Don’t overthink here, we want to use our intuition and our emotional guidance system to choose images. We don’t need to know what they mean just now. Choose a bunch of images. I tend to know when I’m done. When you’re feeling really bored with the whole thing suddenly is a good sign!

Start to go through your images again – this is where we select the ones that will go on this board. Again keep your question at the back of your mind and check in with yourself as you choose what feels best to you.  This is a heart choice, not a head choice. I select and then I trim the images I’ve chosen. Next, I set them on the board and move them around until I like what I see (no glue yet!). This generally includes getting rid of a few more images – or you may find you have some open spaces between images – it’s all good. When you’re done stick them down.

The final step is to look at your board and see what it has to tell you. I grab a pen and paper and start to write about what I see and what it means to me, especially in light of my question. Be open and let things flow. Some images or words will be obvious, and others will take a bit more digging. I write about each image and word.

To keep what you’ve learned in mind – Post your board where you can see it! Then I might list (and even schedule!) a few small steps I can take in the next week to engage and live what I’ve learned. Or I might write out a big insight on a card and put it where I can see it. I also like to check back in with my board every other day or so.

From my recent board on joy in daily life I’ve been baking again – something I’ve really wanted to do but haven’t – because I’m not supposed to eat those things! Really? I’ve also been taking care of myself like a cat takes care of themselves – knowing that there isn’t anything more important or enjoyable. I learned that I need plenty of time to myself to dream, and to just be, and also to write and make Insight Boards! (Yes, I did know this, but I keep thinking I “should” be different). I also want to start the day “in happiness, in kindness”, and to become a Master in the Art of the Everyday.

What a truly delightful life I have when I allow myself to live this way. And I can do it right now! No waiting or hoping. And you can too! I’d love to hear about your adventures in Insight Boarding. Drop me a line at Best wishes for your delightful, beautiful life!