Orange, yellow and white pansies, by Cheryl

A really focused week for me always begins with a pause to consider what I actually want to address. I don’t know about you, but my potential to-do list is so long that a team couldn’t get it all done in one week! And that’s OK. I like having plenty to do. But I don’t like feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused, alone in this mess, like it all has to be done right now, or feeling like I will never get it all done. I never will get it all done – that is a fact – but, I would like to take care of those things that really matter to me.

Part of my beginning of the week pause usually includes drawing oracle cards. I use oracle or tarot cards because they help me to contact my more spiritual self, and also to ask for guidance from a bigger picture Mind. Without them I can get lost in left brain “should-do’s” and misery. You know, all those stories about how I’ve failed and lost and – that’s right – will never get it all done! My deeper self (and yours too) knows what actually matters. Sometimes I forget. Here are a couple of oracle card spreads to use for insights about your week ahead.

Simple Weekly Spread:

You will choose three cards, from a tarot or oracle deck, whichever you prefer.

Card 1 –

What do I need to know this week? (Other options are “What do You want me to know?”, or  “What do I need to know about work?”, or any other topic that is up for you this week.)

Card 2 –

Tell me more…. (What else do I need to know? Or is there more to know about the first card that will clarify matters. You can ask this and draw another card any time you feel you want more clarity.)

Card 3 –

What is my potential for this week? (If I work with the cards above, what is the possible outcome for me?)

Days of the Week Planetary Energy Spread:

This is a longer spread (seven cards) based on the planet that rules each day of the week. I created the questions from my sense of the energy of each planet (you can look up the astrological meaning of each planet and create your own questions too). I prefer to draw the cards all at once on Sunday or Monday, because I ask about the whole week ahead. But you could draw a card each day instead and just ask about that day. Here is the spread:

Monday is the Moon –

What do I need to know, or heal, emotionally this week?

Tuesday is Mars –

What action is beneficial for me this week?

Wednesday is Mercury –

What communication is needed this week?

Thursday is Jupiter –

Where am I ready to grow, or expand, this week?

Friday is Venus –

Tell me about love in my life this week.

Saturday is Saturn –

What responsibilities benefit me this week?

Sunday is the Sun –

Where can I shine this week?  

I really like both of these spreads and find I get great information and help from them. I hope you find them helpful too – or that you create your own oracle spreads – they’re fun to make and then you can ask about just what you want to know.

Happy New Week!!