One Peaceful Step

My practice today is to take One Peaceful Step.

One. At. A. Time. Because I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by “stuff” lately. So, I’ve been absent here – and frankly – that’s not OK with me. My one peaceful step in this moment is showing up in this lovely online world, right here.

I really like this practice. It reminds me of a labyrinth where each step is of equal value, and looking ahead pointless. In a labyrinth you can have faith that the steps you take will get you where you want to go. A labyrinth always leads you to the center, no false paths or dead ends. The focus then is on the moment, on inhabiting each step, on the journey. Such a delicious way to live!

Do I have plans, goals, dreams, aspirations, fabulous desires? Absolutely! And today I also have faith that each peaceful step I take will bring me what I need.

Try it for yourself…