More Word Play for Q3

My Blooming Trumpet Vine

My Blooming Trumpet Vine

I’ve been enjoying my Word this year more than ever before! I’ve been much more connected, and interestingly for the first time I’ve seen my Word in a more complete way – one that tests my ideas about what’s “good” and what’s “too much”.

My Word is “Flourishing”, and it’s a bigger and stronger word than I ever expected. This isn’t a word that plays small! But as I observe how the word is playing out in my life I can certainly see that I’ve played small, and also what my feelings are about too much. It has been pretty fascinating and so eye-opening. I say I want plenty, a lot, abundance! But then I get uncomfortable with “too much”, and that’s a vibe I don’t want to continue! So, I’ve been learning to welcome too much and to “prune” it when I need to, with the understanding that will bring me even more of what I need, but with some life enhancing boundaries included.

Some very real evidence of this is my trumpet vine which basically took over my entire front porch and made the front door practically unusable – that plant is flourishing, let me tell you! So, I applied some judicious pruning (boundaries) – it’s still abundant, burgeoning, and growing like mad – but now it’s also flowering for the first time since I planted it 3 years ago. More flourishing in a delightful way.

So, one idea for getting in touch with your Word this quarter is to see how it’s showing up in your world in signs and symbols. I saw that trumpet vine as a sign of flourishing and learning to accept BIG growth, but also to know how to set some boundaries so that I can still move freely. You can take pictures of the signs and symbols you find and/or write about them. I’ll be doing both for July in my Year Book.

Here are more ideas for playing with your Word:

  • Mid-year is a great time to assess what you’ve done over the past 6 months and celebrate it all! Look at your accomplishments, do they reflect the influence of the Word you chose for the year? Are there any lessons here for you? How does it feel to be living your Word this way? Write about this and keep it with the rest of your Word practices for the year. It’s also a great time to look over the practices you’ve done with your Word so far this year and reflect on what you’ve discovered.
  • I suggested a vision board and vision cards in the previous Word of the Year posts, but this takes that a step further. I created a vision board for June using the phrase “My greatest desires and joys help me to Flourish, these are….” And then I used my intuition to pull images and words and create a vision board. I used what I learned from that board to make small cards to tell what flourishing is like for me each day (see image below), then I placed them in my Year Book where I can access that wisdom easily. This has been amazingly delicious and helps me to remember what a flourishing life is all about! I tend to get locked in on something and just push through in misery when that is absolutely not necessary. How about you? Do you forget the things that make life grand in the rush of daily life? This is a great time to reinvigorate daily fun and joy!
My Year Book page: My Greatest Desires and Joys Help me to Flourish!

My Year Book page: My Greatest Desires and Joys Help me to Flourish!

  • You could also create your own oracle cards for your Word. Using all you have learned about your Word as you’ve played and explored with it this year paint, draw, collage, photograph etc. images to make cards that express these lessons and ideas. Then write a paragraph on the back about what it means to draw this card in response to a question. I’ve never done anything like this, and it may turn out just horrible, but I’m so excited to try! I’ll share mine, and if you do this please share yours too. (You can always contact me at or on Instagram at the_intrepid_goddess.)

Living with one chosen word for a year is a profound way to grow, learn, and have fun with a focus that takes you in a direction you really want to go. May these ideas for getting to know your Word better be of help. Happy Mid-year! And I hope you’re having fun with your Word, and in your delightful life.



PS: Here are the other Word of the Year posts – Quarter 1, 2016 and Quarter 2, 2016

Amazing Women and the Work They Do

Image by Tegan Mierle

When I began training as a life coach I entered an alternate universe – one I had been hoping and dreaming of for a long time. It was a land of honesty, grace, love, and a desire to be of help to the world.It included amazing people (mostly women) who had not let the drama, misery, pain or mistakes in their lives to deflate them, but allowed these experiences to hone them, teach them, and give them something to share to help others. These women are brave, kind, highly ethical, openly spiritual, and delightfully fun! I have been graced with their beautiful offerings, and observed how they practice the art of business in a new way that gives me hope for all of us, and our future. I’m sharing with you here some of these women and their work in the world. Perhaps you’ll find a perfect fit for what you need right now to empower your flourishing life!

Amy Palko is a gorgeous Scotswoman who knows her goddesses and is a true heart-centered business owner. She’s an artist, poet, and teacher, and so much more. Find her here:  She is doing her Summer Solstice Selkie Petition – a beautiful and truly unique offering – very soon. Sign up here;

Lauren Miranda Gilbert is a truly intuitive, witty, and practical astrologer and life coach. She combines tarot, astrology, and coaching to help clients access the deep knowing that heals. Her website is available here:

Jamie Ridler is just delightful! She has videos from her studio at YouTube, lots of delicious classes and offerings at her site, and a newsletter I appreciate each week. I have no idea how she does all she does but she’s always smiling! I love her Full Moon Dreamboard workshops.

Cathy O’Brien is a beautiful person with a beautiful mission. She offers Reiki for animals and their people for healing, peace, and wellness. She also leads amazing Healing Circles in the SF Bay area for endangered animals and the planet. Her website is here:

Mary Lunnen is a gentle soul and a pleasure to know. She offers Rediscovery Coaching and Rediscovery Cards to help you with life’s struggles. She also holds Dare to Blossom workshops Cornwall. You can access a free session with her here:

Emily Kristofferson is an amazing business coach! She has a lovely approach, and so many tools and ideas to help you with your business. Connect with her here:

Jeanette Maw is a the LOA coach in my world. I love her wisdom, verve, and willingness to put it out there! You can work with her at her website , from there you can access her blog, Good Vibes University and more! There is just so much here to read and ways to connect with others interested in LOA – it’s an amazing resource.

I was just recently introduced to Randi Buckley, but anyone who has a Viking Woman workshop is in my tribe! She’s known for her fabulous work in creating Healthy Boundaries for Kind People. Access her website here:

I hope you enjoy learning more about these amazing women and are inspired by them, as I am. It’s a gorgeous world that includes people and offerings like these!

Blessings and Love,

Cheryl (PS, I’ll be on vacation until June 20th, but I’ll return with the Solstice!)

Feel Peaceful Now

Image by Cheryl Haezebroeck at theintrepidgoddess,com

This is a quick practice to maintain peace, or to introduce it into a trying day. It’s simple, only requires a bit of attention, and you can do it over and over (in fact, I recommend using it as needed). Here we go…It’s so simple I feel a bit silly sharing it! But it does work, and the more you do it the more you realize you can have an effect on how you feel and how you take the things that come up in life.

Peace in All Things Practice:

  • Breathe in slowly and completely, exhale the same way. Allow yourself to stop and look inward, at yourself.
  • Drop your shoulders (I know they’re up around your ears  – mine too!).
  • Smile, or grin. Feel the lovely energy this washes through your body and mind. Ahhhh!
  • Love where you are right now. In this very moment let yourself appreciate yourself, what’s happening, what you have, who you are with, etc. Let it all be OK, and more than OK, for this moment
  • Rinse & Repeat as needed.

It can seem hard sometimes to do this in the swirl and pulse of the day, but practice makes it easier and more effective. Introducing this still time into your life has all sorts of benefits from greater mental clarity and focus to more calm and happy vibes. I especially use it when I know it’ll be a hectic day, and I know it will go much better if I take the time to check in with myself and allow love and appreciation to bubble up. You may already have a practice like this that you use – if so, just think of this as a gentle reminder to use it and care for yourself in the thick of things.

Wishing you a glorious and peaceful day! I’d love hearing your experience, and if this works for you or if you have another practice that you use to access peace.

Love, Cheryl

Exercise, Weight Loss & Growth

Sassy, right-sized me

I went to a retail palace this weekend and found myself stunned! I was trying on a new color of my favorite jeans, in the same comfortable size I have in my closet right now, but these were, well, unpleasantly tight. Like miserably tight. So, thinking it was just that style, I tried on shorts in that size (my size!!) from the same brand. Um, also tight. Because I’ve decided to never again purchase tight clothing because I’m planning to lose weight “someday”, I tried on the next size larger. And they were perfect. Here’s a reasonable facsimile of my mental Mongol Horde’s response (see this post about the Horde): “Ack!! You went UP a size!! All the exercising we’ve been doing, the eating well…What the heck! What have we been denying ourselves sugar for? You’re so fat!”

I had a chance in that dressing room, in that moment, to choose fear or love, panic or peace. I’m pretty proud of myself, because I chose peace. I chose to love myself regardless of my jean size and unplanned growth. And yet, in truth, it still hurt a bit. If I got bigger when I was trying to get smaller…WHY was I NOT eating PIE?

The next morning I got up and exercised anyway, dong a routine I hadn’t for a while, and noticed it was a lot easier now. Then I weighed myself and I’d lost a few pounds. My blood pressure was excellent. If being in better shape, healthier, and losing a few pounds is how I GROW up a size – then I’ll be at peace with that. And now and then I’ll probably have pie too!

We’re all works in progress. I’m always growing and expanding in a variety of ways. Sometimes I’m shrinking, or releasing, or retreating instead. It’s all good! As I learned from the incredible Martha Beck, adding “and that’s OK” to the end of a sentence can be the difference between peace and agony.

So….I’m growing and changing, and that is absolutely OK. I can love that.