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Name: Cheryl

Age: Younger than Madonna; older than Sandra Bullock.

Height: 5’7” (in my ever-present heels)

Hair color: Let’s just say silvery blonde…

Eye color: blue/grey/green (it’s a day-by-day thing)

Job: Goddess Assistant. Because helping people through dark times; making life more charming, easier, loving, and delightful; sharing what I have learned, is certainly why I’m here! I’m an intrepid student of life, design, and self-help. I’m a Life Coach, trained by Martha Beck, a Reiki Master, Feng Shui Consultant, Professional Organizer,and Interior Designer (BS, Oregon State University). I’m also a mother, newly remarried, a blogger, newbie “Web Master”, and more. My clients say I’ve helped them accomplish the things they’ve wanted to do for years and never managed to get started by providing them with support, fresh ideas, insight, a sounding board, non-judgmental feedback, resources, and more. My work is fun, it’s meaningful, and it’s really exciting!

Theme Song: “The Moon is Made of Gold” by Rickie Lee Jones

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Ultimate Joy: I can’t pick just one! Today: ripe berries on my cereal, writing on my back porch, wild flowers in my garden, lunch out with my sweetheart…

Proudest Moment: I’m most proud of my son & who he is – which has nothing to do with me, but still I’m so proud and pleased! For myself, I’d say I’m proud each day that I get up and make the most of all I have been given, and find joy in this life.

Lowest Slump: Wow! I guess, after my mom died. Along with the grief, it was one of those experiences that cause you to question just everything you thought you knew. It was horrible, it totally re-created me. I’m a much happier person now, I’ve learned some valuable lessons and I chose to make a deeper connection with life. I saw that you really don’t get to choose some things in life, so taking care of the ones you can make choices about is really important.

Bragworthy Accolade: I wasn’t a complete failure as a mother? Or perhaps that I graduated from college Summa Cum Laude? What makes me feel best is when I can help someone find their way, make their life better, do that thing they really want to do. That’s the best!

My Arch-nemesis: Warm brownies with vanilla bean ice cream, pecans, and warm butterscotch topping. Pure evil!

Archangel: Michael – he is my man! Keeps me from getting lost.

Goddess: I love them all…but lately I feel Baba Yaga has something important to share with me. And I love feeling her close: she’s warm, such a delight, even when she’s a bit dark. And sassy! I like that.

Ultimate Quote: Again…just one?? I’ve been collecting them for years, but here’s a favorite:

“I take pleasure in my ‘transformations’. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.” Anais Nin

Power Chakra: Sacral. All of that delicious, sensual orangeness!

Favorite Color: No really, I can’t decide here. I love them all depending on the situation, time, desire, etc. But having said that I do have a special love affair with warm blues, blue-greens, aquamarine, cyan, turquoise, cerulean, yes!

Totem Animal: Snow Leopard, just so grateful for this one.

My Prayer for You and the World:

May you…

Find ease in seeming difficulty

See God in every face

Feel the acceptance, love, belonging, and peace inherent within you

Experience delight and joy in your life each day

Transform fear, sadness, anger into the gold they help us to unearth

Embrace your certain beauty

Surrender to life and to love

(For the more nitty gritty version of my life, look here.)

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