Three Pink Roses, by Cheryl


I’m still here after 3 weeks of blogging daily for my Blogging Love Challenge – Woot!

This week my goal was to make sure I engaged in my favorite rituals and made time for the things I really want to do – even with extra activities planned. How much would it take to throw me off? And what could I let go of if I needed to? I learned (again) that things happen and you make it work out the best way you can – and that is how it “should be” because, indeed, that is how it happened!

So, I ended up using two re-posts this week (though my intention was to only use one each week). You know what? I really enjoyed revisiting my old posts and had fun sharing them with you again! I also missed posting Saturday’s post on Saturday….I posted it today. And the world is still revolving! I was quite sick and I just needed to stay in bed and not move at all. So, I did. Also this week I tackled a big project I’d been putting off due to this challenge – I just jumped in and got it going. That made me really happy and has worked out perfectly! Overall, this week I’ve learned to chill out and live life the way I want to – regardless of how long my list is – it will all go just fine. I had a great week and so much fun writing posts for you. Only 9 days left of this challenge. Amazing!

Here are the posts for the past week:

Monday, February 18thDrawing Oracle Cards for a New Week (with 2 Spreads) was about how you can begin a new week (or anything really…) with some personal wisdom from your Higher Self to guide you. It includes two oracle/tarot spreads to use  – one very basic, and one that I created using the concept of planetary energies for each day of the week. Fun! And I am always amazed at the insights I gain.

Tuesday, February 19th: Those Voices in My Head is a re-post (a fave of mine because I adore this concept) about the mean voices that talk to you, and can even stop you from doing what you want and need to do, and how to deal with them with firmness and kindness.

Wednesday, February 20th: Rearrangements – When Things Need to Move shares my approach to starting big home projects and then keeping them in line with what you truly want to achieve. The process includes making an intuitive collage (something that won’t really surprise those of you who know me!) to find clear insight.

Thursday, February 21st: How Do You Want to Show Up Today? shares a really quick practice I use and my experience with it one cold, bleak Winter’s day. This is a re-post, and one I really enjoyed rediscovering – I hope you enjoy it too!

Friday, February 22nd: Choose a Goddess (for Goddess Friday) allows you to play a game with me by choosing a number and finding the corresponding Goddess to see what she has shared with me to pass on to you. Or you can read about all three Goddesses and see what feels right for you. Fun!

Saturday, February 23rd: The Sweet Wisdom of Brian Andreas includes some links to Brian’s new web home (he is no longer with Story People) and some of his amazing poems. He is the BEST! Many of you already know this…but if you haven’t read his work you are in for a delicious surprise.

Did I mention there are just 9 more days?? Lol! I’m excited and sad both about that. I will write up the final round up of posts on Tuesday, March 5th. I sure hope you keep reading – I’ve really loved hearing what you think, and learning your stories and your favorite practices, and your beautiful wisdom. It has all been a such a gift to me – Thank you!!

Wishing you a Happy New Week (and also end of February!) 

Love to you,


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