Yes! I AM a goddess…

And so are you! (Or you could be a god…after all these things happen).

But there was a time (a long time) when I forgot I was divine. I didn’t take care of myself. I said yes to everything anyone wanted me to do. I worshipped at the altar of “busy”. I forgot who I really was, what I loved to do, why I was here. Someone asked me “What are your passions?”, and I actually answered, “Passion is overrated.” I believed I couldn’t have that lust for life, that I didn’t want it, but mostly that I didn’t deserve it.

Have you ever noticed, without fail, life provides you with plenty of opportunities to grow? Like loss, my mom died of cancer two months after she retired. My dad left me a couple of years ago. The relationship I surrendered everything to – my love, energy, career aspirations, financial independence, youth, etc. – ended with great sadness and some ugly and painful realizations. More chances to grow came from almost constant transitions (10 interstate moves in 20 years, motherhood, single motherhood, job changes, illness…) I was compelled to consider some big questions: what is home, is there a point to all of this, what value do I have, how the heck will I survive? And the most vital question – what does it take to thrive no matter what happens?

These delightful inquiries saved my life.  I became a seeker and a student. I talked to God, angels, goddesses – anyone who would listen! And I tried to listen back. To my degree in interior design I added certification and training in feng shui, Reiki, and life coaching. I studied A Course in Miracles.  I learned not to wait for some future event to be happy, that my value was not dependent on another’s perception of me, and that perfection is NOT my goal. And so much more. I became willing, intrepid, and grateful! Well, much of the time.

I’m nowhere near perfect (not my goal!). But I am fully alive. I found my passion! One delicious thing I love is working with incredible people and sharing with them lessons, tools, a process to uncover their value, divinity, beauty, and lust for life.

I discovered that I am an intrepid goddess of gorgeous living and personal transformation. Yay!!