Pink Geranium, by Cheryl

Week One of my 30 Days of Blogging Love Challenge is done!! Wahoo!

Today (and each Sunday) I’ll be sharing how things are going and what came up for me, and also providing links to all of my posts for the previous week in case you want to check them out!

What has gone really well for me is the process of adding images. I pre-selected a group of my photos and edited them so they’re ready to use and – wow! – that saves a lot of time. And then each day I just decide which one to use and pop it in. I wish I had used this process a long time ago! This month I’m calling Flowery Feb – because of my craving for flowers this time of year most images are photos of flowers I’ve known and loved.

I also had a lot of fun deciding the type of topics I wanted to write about. I have a couple of files, a drawer, and a box full of blog post ideas and partially written posts, so there’s no lack of ideas for posts. But I wanted to explore what I love to write about, and also what my readers enjoy reading. So I’m writing about certain things on certain days with a re-post option for any day I feel I can’t keep up or, like last week, when I was sick.  Having a theme for each day of the week makes things easier too. I surprisingly find that I’m not digging into my vast piles of post ideas, but just writing about what comes up now. That’s really my favorite way to do it!

So, yeah, there has been a bit of resistance. Some days I don’t really want to write a post! Some days I feel a bit stressed about it. But once I get started I’m (mostly) loving it. The main problem then is keeping up with everything else in life. I took this on expressly to see how much I could write and still keep everything else on task. It’s so easy for me to focus on one thing to the exclusion of others and my goal here is to learn ways NOT to do that! So, that’s a work in progress…

So far, so good, and only 23 more days to go! I’m truly enjoying this and I like seeing what I come up with for each theme. I also like looking back at old blog posts for ones to share again. I’m a bit amazed at myself – in a good way! I’ve got this cheerleader in my head saying “You go Cheryl”. I like that girl!

Post links:

Day 1: Blogging Love and New Moon Oracle Card Spread – which is about this challenge and also shares my New Moon oracle card spread. But you could also use that at the beginning of a month or a week instead.

Day 2: Seven Things About Me (right now) – I haven’t shared much about myself on this blog for a while, so I offered 7 random things about me right now that you might like to know!

Day 3: The Sacred Art of Puttering – So, this is about the way puttering, as a delicious form of play, can make your life more fun, lovely, and yes, sacred.

Day 4: My Design Manifesto –  As an Interior Designer I have my own ideas about what good design is – and that is mostly that it’s personal to each of us! In this re-post you can read about my design manifesto.

Day 5: Hestia, Goddess of the Sacred Home Fires – This is my first Goddess Fridays post (which will continue through this 30 Day Challenge) with one of my faves – the warm and welcome Hestia. She’s so much more than a domestic goddess – though that would be enough. I feel she has something to share with us that would make our modem world much more wonderful.

Day 6: Saturday with Marcus Aurelius – Each Saturday I’ll be sharing the writings of a favorite author, songwriter, or poet. This week I shared some of my favorite quotes by the Stoic and Emperor Philosopher Marcus Aurelius.

I sincerely hope you enjoy something in these posts! And I’d really appreciate any feedback you’d like to share. Knowing what you enjoy reading about allows me to craft a helpful and entertaining blog. Write to me at I’d love to hear from you!!

Hoping your Sunday is fabulous!!