Happy Sunday! (Week 3 of the Blogging Love Challenge)

Three Pink Roses, by Cheryl


I’m still here after 3 weeks of blogging daily for my Blogging Love Challenge – Woot!

This week my goal was to make sure I engaged in my favorite rituals and made time for the things I really want to do – even with extra activities planned. How much would it take to throw me off? And what could I let go of if I needed to? I learned (again) that things happen and you make it work out the best way you can – and that is how it “should be” because, indeed, that is how it happened!

So, I ended up using two re-posts this week (though my intention was to only use one each week). You know what? I really enjoyed revisiting my old posts and had fun sharing them with you again! I also missed posting Saturday’s post on Saturday….I posted it today. And the world is still revolving! I was quite sick and I just needed to stay in bed and not move at all. So, I did. Also this week I tackled a big project I’d been putting off due to this challenge – I just jumped in and got it going. That made me really happy and has worked out perfectly! Overall, this week I’ve learned to chill out and live life the way I want to – regardless of how long my list is – it will all go just fine. I had a great week and so much fun writing posts for you. Only 9 days left of this challenge. Amazing!

Here are the posts for the past week:

Monday, February 18thDrawing Oracle Cards for a New Week (with 2 Spreads) was about how you can begin a new week (or anything really…) with some personal wisdom from your Higher Self to guide you. It includes two oracle/tarot spreads to use  – one very basic, and one that I created using the concept of planetary energies for each day of the week. Fun! And I am always amazed at the insights I gain.

Tuesday, February 19th: Those Voices in My Head is a re-post (a fave of mine because I adore this concept) about the mean voices that talk to you, and can even stop you from doing what you want and need to do, and how to deal with them with firmness and kindness.

Wednesday, February 20th: Rearrangements – When Things Need to Move shares my approach to starting big home projects and then keeping them in line with what you truly want to achieve. The process includes making an intuitive collage (something that won’t really surprise those of you who know me!) to find clear insight.

Thursday, February 21st: How Do You Want to Show Up Today? shares a really quick practice I use and my experience with it one cold, bleak Winter’s day. This is a re-post, and one I really enjoyed rediscovering – I hope you enjoy it too!

Friday, February 22nd: Choose a Goddess (for Goddess Friday) allows you to play a game with me by choosing a number and finding the corresponding Goddess to see what she has shared with me to pass on to you. Or you can read about all three Goddesses and see what feels right for you. Fun!

Saturday, February 23rd: The Sweet Wisdom of Brian Andreas includes some links to Brian’s new web home (he is no longer with Story People) and some of his amazing poems. He is the BEST! Many of you already know this…but if you haven’t read his work you are in for a delicious surprise.

Did I mention there are just 9 more days?? Lol! I’m excited and sad both about that. I will write up the final round up of posts on Tuesday, March 5th. I sure hope you keep reading – I’ve really loved hearing what you think, and learning your stories and your favorite practices, and your beautiful wisdom. It has all been a such a gift to me – Thank you!!

Wishing you a Happy New Week (and also end of February!) 

Love to you,


PS The comments aren’t currently turned on here at the TIG Blog, but you can always contact me at cheryl@theintrepidgoddess.com , or you can direct message me on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!!!


The Sweet Wisdom of Brian Andreas

Lovely Lily, by Cheryl

Happy Saturday (only it’s Sunday…)

I’m a day delayed due to a food born illness (that’s right, you don’t want to know, and if it weren’t for this 30 day challenge I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all!). Sometimes even desire and good planning aren’t sufficient to overcome the tides of life. And that is OK. We’re here to live (and love) the life we’re in, and that includes illness at times. Thank goodness mine is a brief one and I’m getting better already.

To cheer us all up I have some poems from the delightful mind of Brian Andreas – a man who knows about life and shares it with us in such a gorgeous form. His poems are often accompanied by his fun and fabulous artwork.  If you know about Brian you know about his affiliation with Story People, once his company, but Brian has moved away from Story People (a long and sad story in itself, you can check it out here). Brian’s new home is at Flying Edna and his new work is amazing! If you don’t know about Brian Andreas – you have a pleasant surprise coming!!

Stand Off

I don’t worry about what

could go wrong.


I worry about whether

I’m in a place yet

where I could handle it


if everything goes right.


Busy Work

At a certain point,

feeling afraid

is a bad habit

from when you thought

being afraid

would somehow



Here’s the thing

you should know:

it doesn’t.


Feel free to stop

any time.


Quick Getaway

My heart says

Be bold. Jump in

with both feet.


But part of me

still wants to jump

in with one foot, so

I have the other

available for a

quick getaway.


In case my heart

picks something

I’m not ready for



Two Paths

No matter what, you

always have two paths.

One where everyone

else goes


& the other you

discover yourself.


Usually some bruising

with the second one,

but it’s a hell of a lot

more fun.


Simple Truth

Her whole life shifted the day

she started to tell the truth

about what made her happy.


I never knew it could be

so simple, she said.


I hope you enjoyed these. They’re from Brian’s charming book Something Like Magic. I’m wishing Brian a beautiful new start, and I’m wishing you all of the very best things in life!!

With Love,


PS The comments aren’t currently turned on here at the TIG Blog, but you can always contact me at cheryl@theintrepidgoddess.com , or you can direct message me on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!!!



Choose a Goddess! (for Goddess Friday)

Peonies, by Cheryl

It’s Goddess Friday again!

Today, for fun, I’m sharing a little about three Goddesses and their questions for you. To determine your Goddess for today, simply choose a number – one, two, or three. Choose the one that resonates for you. You might close your eyes and a number will show up in your imagination. Or you can sense how each number feels in your heart and choose the one that feels expansive and open. If that doesn’t work, you could look below at the images and choose the one that appeals to you. Or read them all – it doesn’t matter – however you want to play!

The card images below are from The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, illustrated by Hrana Janto, but I haven’t used the oracle book for meanings here. I’ve chosen to let Spirit talk through my own intuition. I hope you find a message that is meaningful and helpful for you.

Let’s Play!

Choose a Goddess! (the super low tech version 🙂

If you chose….


Then your Goddess is – Demeter – Greek Goddess of the Seasons

Demeter is known for various things (agriculture, harvest, fertility, grieving the loss of a child, etc.), but today I feel she is sharing her wisdom of the seasons with you. Seasons are delightful changes in the world around us that tell us another trip around the Sun is occurring. They each hold their own celebrations, and meanings, and beauty. But seasons can be about cycles of any kind, particularly the cycle we all follow from birth to death.

The questions that Demeter asks you today are: What life season are you in right now? Do you surrender to the cycle you’re in, or fight it? What celebrations are you enjoying in this cycle? What have you learned here? What beauty do you feel and see? What does it mean to you to be at this place in the cycle of your life?


Your Goddess is – Ix Chel – Mayan Goddess of the Moon and Personal Rebirth

Ix Chel is a goddess of fertility and harvest, like Demeter, but she is also a goddess of personal rebirth. She was killed by her grandfather for loving the Sun, but then magically brought back to life by dragonflies. She returned home and was beaten by her husband (the Sun) because of his jealousy. After a while she decided that was enough, and she transformed into a jaguar so that she couldn’t be seen by him. She’s a goddess of transformation, but also self-understanding and acceptance. She accepts and loves herself, but when others can’t she leaves them behind. She moved to an island where she wove the cycles of the world and helped women with pregnancy and childbirth.

Ix Chel asks you: Where are you dreaming of change in your life? Is there anything or anyone that you need to step away from, that doesn’t support you as you are? In what ways do you accept yourself as you are? When you think of a personal rebirth what comes up? What would that personal rebirth look like for you? Can you think of a step you would like to take?


Your Goddess for today is – Baba Yaga – Slavic Goddess of Old Bones

Baba Yaga is such a favorite of mine! I love how she brings up the dark noises in the night, the ones that we fear without even shining light on them. She’s supposed to be scary, and I suppose she can be. But she will also lovingly hold your hand as you look at the darkest things you have been keeping buried deep. These are the Old Bones. The things we’re afraid to examine too closely, the ones we hope will go away, the potentially disgusting and embarrassing stuff. Baba Yaga isn’t afraid of the dark, and she wants to help you to heal by looking at those old bones and seeing what’s truly there. Once you shine the light the dark is rarely as bad as you think it will be.

Baba Yaga asks you: What have you been burying deep? Is it an old experience, a story, a belief, an emotion, a fear? If you took it out and looked at it in the light what do you think might happen? Do you have someone in your life who can hold your hand while you look? What is your life like without this old bone? What freedom is there in releasing it to the Light?

Sending Goddess love to you. They ask the best questions and they’re there to help us access the answers. I hope you discovered something that frees you and opens you to your most delightful life!

Best wishes for a truly lovely weekend!

Love, Cheryl

How Do You Want to Show Up Today?

Each morning (OK, most mornings…) I ask myself this question:

“Dear Higher Self, how do you want me to show up today?”

Then I get quiet and listen. Spirit never lets me down, and it’s always just what I need to know for a great day. Today I woke up decidedly flat, and slow, and lacking in luster. So, when I sat down with my journal and asked my daily question I was pretty surprised to hear the word “vim”. My Higher Self would like me to show up with VIM! I had to laugh at first, and then I asked Her if She was sure. Yes, indeed, show up with vim.

I’m not sure about you, but this isn’t a word I regularly use. I know it hangs out a lot with the word vigor. I like how short and decisive it is. I had a good sense of what it meant, but of course I needed to look it up. Do you do that, look up words? I love to look them up, read the definition and then look at the synonyms. And just like that, I fell in love with the word “vim”. It means energy and enthusiasm, but what really got me were the delicious synonyms – what amazing words we have made!  Words like zest, brio, punch, moxie, pep, ginger, esprit, juice, gusto, oomph, zing, and verve. Wow!! I find I’m feeling better already! Ironically, the antonyms of vim were exactly how I felt when I woke up: lethargy, listlessness, torpidity.

What a difference a word makes – really!! In A Course in Miracles it says that words are symbols of symbols. So, they’re basically a couple of steps from the truth of something. And yet, they definitely have the energy of the things they represent. They’re guideposts to the realization of some inner truth. At least that’s my take on it. I think we learn the word, or hear it, or think it, and then we can feel it. And after we feel it we can be it. And I believe that all of this is ruled by choice. Our choices. Today I woke up one way (torpidity anyone??). That was a choice even though it didn’t seem like one. And then I heard a new word, I looked it up, I thought about it, I felt it, and I was given another option. A choice.

Well, I choose VIM! I love how these things work – I mean they’re like magic! I went from listlessness to gusto. It’s possible that some days listlessness is, perhaps, the better choice. I may need to rest, to check out, to not make lists! But my Higher Self knew that today I have another energy to experience. I’m really glad I asked, and listened!

Today I show up with Vim! How will you show up today?

With Love,


NOTE: This is a re-post – I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as enjoyed re-reading it 🙂

Rearrangements – When Things Need to Move

My Living Room Insight Board, by Cheryl


Creating an Insight Board for Your Home Projects


Hello! I’m writing this late today because I am all wrapped up in a project that has taken my energy and time, but also given me great pleasure! I don’t know if it’s the Virgo Full Moon yesterday, or just because I get this way, but I felt a strong need to move things around in my home. It’s been growing on me over the last couple of weeks and plans have been formulating in my mind’s eye and in my dreams too. (Do you move furniture in your dreams? If so you are my Soul Sister!) It’s great to let things percolate until you’re really ready – because let’s face it, when you move furniture (and all that goes with that) – it’s going to get messier before it bets better.

So, when I get the very firm urge to tackle moving things all over (and deep clean and clear while I do) my first step is a space plan. I sketch things out on paper and play around with the ideas that have been coming up. Before I move anything though I like to get clearer about what is motivating me. Sometimes there is something specific bothering me. Other times I’m just ready for a fresh outlook or function for a space. So, I create an Insight Board. (I’ve written about Insight Boards more right here.) This is actually an intuitive collage process that helps you discover more about what you really want, and why you really want to make changes. You can see my board at the top of this post. It probably looks like a few photos cut from magazines to you, but to me I see that I want some fairly specific outcomes, and using what I learn from this board will help me to stay on track as I tear things up!

My Insight Board tells me that I want cozy and layered, but I also want light and space. I want to do a really good clean – getting behind and around everything. I want to reassess the way I’m using the furniture pieces I have, and I want to store some pieces of furniture and also pull a couple out of storage to use. I want to brighten up my relationship area of my house, and make my kitchen function better and look fresh. I’m actually moving things in my Kitchen, Living Room, and Dining Room in this project – it’s pretty major!! But it feels so good to get things really clean and to see my home in new ways too. It’s almost like having a new house!

Kitchen Refresh, by Cheryl

If you have a hankering to move things around and clean and clear you might want to try an insight board to help you tap into your deeper needs and desires about your home. After all, your home is your Self – an expanded physical Self that holds your things – but is also your place to rest, be motivated, to dream, to nurture yourself and loved ones, to tend to your spirit, to play and much more. Tending to the Spirit of your Home is a sacred prospect. If you have any questions about this, contact me at cheryl@theintrepidgoddess.com. I also offer Interior Design and Organizing services (and, yes, we can do those via internet and phone if you aren’t local) just write me and we can set a free 20 minute session to see how I can help you.

Lots of Love, and Happy House Tending!

Cheryl xoxo


Those Voices in My Head!

Wild prairie flowers, by Cheryl

My mind is a bad neighborhood, and I try not to go there alone after dark. ~Anne Lamott 


I’ve been having fun! Those of us who are interested in healing our wounds tend to engage in strange practices. I call it practice because you get to do it more than once! Today I felt it was time to get all of the really mean, self-inflicted comments out of my head and on to paper. Fun, right? Now and then I feel the urge to do this so the crazy can’t keep sneaking up on me – it has to do its name-calling to my face, so to speak. (Note: This is a re-post from my blog way back in July 2015.)


Dealing with those “The Mongol Hordes” in Your Head


I used an exercise from a delightful little book, Queen of Your Own Life by Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff. They call the voices the Mongol Hordes – which is brilliant!! The exercise is this: set a timer for 10 minutes and let the Mongols have at you. They get to say their piece, and then they need to be supportive, or silent. Turns out my Horde is full of people I know pretty well…my family, friends, old flames, various disgruntled aspects of myself. And they have horrible things to say about me, really hurtful things. But I just listen and say “Uh huh, any more?” And they go on, and on, until they run down.

OK, I lied about the fun. It can be pretty painful.

What the heck is the point of this, you ask? Me too sometimes! But if you have never tried really hearing the mean comments your mind can spew, you may find it’s quite eye-opening. The Horde’s yelling is the background commentary I live with every day. Ignoring it isn’t a long term option. I start to believe it. I make decisions and choices based on it. I really need to know if that is a good idea.

So, I listen. I write it all out in a journal because writing tends to help me access these things (plus later I can go back and address any of the comments that are really sticky and don’t want to go away). Today I learned I’m ugly, stupid, will soon be on the street, a fool, incapable, hated by all, and more…the usual attacking Horde stuff. I find mixed in with the horror of what I say to myself are a few actual gems of usefulness. Yes indeed, I could use a better system to track my finances. I’ll get on that! A lot of it is simply ridiculous (not everyone hates me…), so I can just laugh and let it go. And that feels good!

I also find I have compassion for the Horde. These are voices and beliefs I have internalized from people who (mostly) wish me well. They want to help. The voices want me to be safe. Often, I just don’t want their version of safe. So, I like to thank the voices, and then I love Kathy’s and Cindy’s idea of asking them to be supportive instead of negative. Delicious!

After this practice I feel so much better! The Mongols are off my case, and I can move on with my life with a lot more clarity and excitement. And when they start to mass on my borders again, I know just what to do.

How about you? Talked with your Horde lately?

Lots of Love,


Drawing Oracle Cards for a New Week (with 2 spreads)

Orange, yellow and white pansies, by Cheryl

A really focused week for me always begins with a pause to consider what I actually want to address. I don’t know about you, but my potential to-do list is so long that a team couldn’t get it all done in one week! And that’s OK. I like having plenty to do. But I don’t like feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused, alone in this mess, like it all has to be done right now, or feeling like I will never get it all done. I never will get it all done – that is a fact – but, I would like to take care of those things that really matter to me.

Part of my beginning of the week pause usually includes drawing oracle cards. I use oracle or tarot cards because they help me to contact my more spiritual self, and also to ask for guidance from a bigger picture Mind. Without them I can get lost in left brain “should-do’s” and misery. You know, all those stories about how I’ve failed and lost and – that’s right – will never get it all done! My deeper self (and yours too) knows what actually matters. Sometimes I forget. Here are a couple of oracle card spreads to use for insights about your week ahead.

Simple Weekly Spread:

You will choose three cards, from a tarot or oracle deck, whichever you prefer.

Card 1 –

What do I need to know this week? (Other options are “What do You want me to know?”, or  “What do I need to know about work?”, or any other topic that is up for you this week.)

Card 2 –

Tell me more…. (What else do I need to know? Or is there more to know about the first card that will clarify matters. You can ask this and draw another card any time you feel you want more clarity.)

Card 3 –

What is my potential for this week? (If I work with the cards above, what is the possible outcome for me?)

Days of the Week Planetary Energy Spread:

This is a longer spread (seven cards) based on the planet that rules each day of the week. I created the questions from my sense of the energy of each planet (you can look up the astrological meaning of each planet and create your own questions too). I prefer to draw the cards all at once on Sunday or Monday, because I ask about the whole week ahead. But you could draw a card each day instead and just ask about that day. Here is the spread:

Monday is the Moon –

What do I need to know, or heal, emotionally this week?

Tuesday is Mars –

What action is beneficial for me this week?

Wednesday is Mercury –

What communication is needed this week?

Thursday is Jupiter –

Where am I ready to grow, or expand, this week?

Friday is Venus –

Tell me about love in my life this week.

Saturday is Saturn –

What responsibilities benefit me this week?

Sunday is the Sun –

Where can I shine this week?  

I really like both of these spreads and find I get great information and help from them. I hope you find them helpful too – or that you create your own oracle spreads – they’re fun to make and then you can ask about just what you want to know.

Happy New Week!!



The Sunday Check-In (Week 2)

Ready to Bloom by Cheryl

Another week of my 30 Day Blogging Love play is ended. This week I settled in more and resisted less. It’s really a huge pleasure to write posts to share that I hope will be useful, or interesting, or inspiring for you! My main challenge is integrating an extra project, like this, into everyday life without losing some of the daily practices I rely on for wellness (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical). It’s interesting how this has brought up one of the areas of least satisfaction with my life that I’ve been working on for a long time, but in which I haven’t made as much progress as I’d like.

So, now I ask myself – does it matter if for a time I drop important practices to accommodate a big project? In the past I would say – nope! But I do know how much these rituals and tools help me, how much they contribute to my joy in life, and how hard it can be to get into a rhythm with them after taking time off. I know I miss them. What’s the answer? No Idea! But I’m going to be working on that this week.  🙂

Here are the posts from this past week. I really hope you find at least one to enjoy, and perhaps find inspiration too.

Planning with the Placemat Process – This post is about a daily planning practice I use to get clear about what I need/want to do, and then surrender the rest to Divine Order.

Decorating for Valentine’s Day – I shared a couple of quick and fun projects that show it’s never to late to decorate for a holiday or event. Plus – it’s great to make things with your hands!

A Quick Word of the Year Practice: I have been riffing on one simple practice so far this year for my Word of the Year – and I love it! Perhaps it will inspire you with ideas for playing with your Word this year too.

Here’s to Romancing Yourself and Your Beautiful Life –  This is a re-post of one of the best posts I’ve ever written (in my mind, of course) full ideas for love, and self-care, and romancing your life.

Sulis of the Healing Waters– For Goddess Friday I wrote about the Goddess Sulis and how she can offer you her energy of healing, and of knowing when you need to take time for yourself to nourish your wellness.

Here’s to Those of Us Who Dream – This is a quick sharing of a song that has been in my head and heart since I watched La La Land earlier this week. Delicious! I hope you enjoy it.

Lots of love to all of us who dream! I hope your week is truly Divine. I’ll be sharing posts daily for a couple more weeks (plus a few days…), so drop in if you’d like and see what’s up!




Sulis of the Healing Waters

Hydrangeas, by Cheryl

For this Goddess Friday post I drew a card from one of my goddess oracle decks to share with you. My intention was to draw a card with the Goddess who could be of help to everyone who reads this post. And I drew one of my favorites:

The Warm and Healing Sulis!

Sulis, like many other ancient goddesses, has transformed over the years, and the origins of her worship are hidden in time. She was the Celtic deity of the healing warm springs at Bath and her name means either eye/gap or sun. When the Romans came to Britain they syncretized her with the Roman goddess Minerva. She is the life-giving mother Goddess of healing waters, nourishment, vision, the sun, and, strangely, of curses (tablets were found in her springs that requested justice or vengeance against theft). It’s theorized that her aspect as a sun goddess took her to the underworld in her travels each day, so that she was a Goddess of light and darkness.

My favorite approach to the energy and wisdom of Sulis is from The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky (it is also the card deck I used for this post – you can see the card image below). Amy sees Sulis primarily in her aspect of offering warm healing waters, and in understanding the depths that create illness in order to heal.

“Illness is a way for us to come face-to-face with what is no longer working for us and change it. Have you been ignoring your own deep requests for more time, more space, more attention? Perhaps you have been too busy attending to everyone else’s needs and putting your own last. Perhaps illness is the only way out of a messy or painful situation. Do you experience any resistance to being in the dance of illness/wellness? Any blame? Regardless of what brought you to this dance, you are here and you need to put everything aside that doesn’t nourish and support your healing.” Amy Sophia Marashinsky

I have never been to Bath, but I do know about the healing properties of water. We all do! Drinking a warm beverage, taking a hot shower, relaxing in the tub, going to the ocean, taking a swim or a paddling a kayak in a lake, watching a river flow – all are supremely delightful ways to find healing. And as Amy says, to experience the healing of rest, warmth, time, nourishment, and space we need to give our healing (and our staying healthy) priority.

Do you give your wellness priority? Do I? I know that I’ve had illnesses that were absolutely because I needed to rest and take a break from my life. How about you? And I would say that, at times, that was completely fine with me. I pushed when I needed to push, and when I couldn’t do it anymore my body gave me an “out” that the people around me could understand much more than saying I needed to take time for myself. Taking time for ourselves isn’t exactly condoned in our culture, is it? Still I would like to heal the cycle of Illness/Wellness and learn to make choices that allow me to say, “I need time for myself, I need to rest, I need a break”, before I get sick!

I’m getting much better at it. How about you? Here’s to nourishing your wellness with love and caring, and some warm water perhaps. You can always ask Sulis to help you to know when you need to rest and/or to practice healing behavior for yourself. I certainly do! She’s a warm, gentle guide who can also help you see what you do that is shadowy and leads to feeling unwell.

I’m wishing the very best health and wellness for all of you!  

Love and Healing,



Sulis from The Goddess Oracle, Illustration by Hrana Janto