Beautiful Words from Beautiful Mary Oliver

This year we lost an amazing voice in this world. I’m just so grateful we got to read (and can still read) her beautiful and true poetry. What a gift she has left for us. Here are a few quotes from the fabulous Mary Oliver.

Gluebook page by Cheryl, quote by Mary Oliver

(I’m sharing the quotes in gluebook style – I was lucky to be a part of an Instagram gluebook gathering the day she died and together we made pages about her words and shared our love for her. And you can join a gluebook party tonight on Instagram at 8pm Eastern – just search for @the.butterfly.artist, follow her, and then go to #margluebookparty19 – Fun!)

Gluebook page by Cheryl, quote by Mary Oliver


Gluebook page by Cheryl, quote by Mary Oliver

Gluebook page by Cheryl, quote by Mary Oliver

With love to you!

Cheryl xoxo


The Sweet Wisdom of Brian Andreas

Lovely Lily, by Cheryl

Happy Saturday (only it’s Sunday…)

I’m a day delayed due to a food born illness (that’s right, you don’t want to know, and if it weren’t for this 30 day challenge I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all!). Sometimes even desire and good planning aren’t sufficient to overcome the tides of life. And that is OK. We’re here to live (and love) the life we’re in, and that includes illness at times. Thank goodness mine is a brief one and I’m getting better already.

To cheer us all up I have some poems from the delightful mind of Brian Andreas – a man who knows about life and shares it with us in such a gorgeous form. His poems are often accompanied by his fun and fabulous artwork.  If you know about Brian you know about his affiliation with Story People, once his company, but Brian has moved away from Story People (a long and sad story in itself, you can check it out here). Brian’s new home is at Flying Edna and his new work is amazing! If you don’t know about Brian Andreas – you have a pleasant surprise coming!!

Stand Off

I don’t worry about what

could go wrong.


I worry about whether

I’m in a place yet

where I could handle it


if everything goes right.


Busy Work

At a certain point,

feeling afraid

is a bad habit

from when you thought

being afraid

would somehow



Here’s the thing

you should know:

it doesn’t.


Feel free to stop

any time.


Quick Getaway

My heart says

Be bold. Jump in

with both feet.


But part of me

still wants to jump

in with one foot, so

I have the other

available for a

quick getaway.


In case my heart

picks something

I’m not ready for



Two Paths

No matter what, you

always have two paths.

One where everyone

else goes


& the other you

discover yourself.


Usually some bruising

with the second one,

but it’s a hell of a lot

more fun.


Simple Truth

Her whole life shifted the day

she started to tell the truth

about what made her happy.


I never knew it could be

so simple, she said.


I hope you enjoyed these. They’re from Brian’s charming book Something Like Magic. I’m wishing Brian a beautiful new start, and I’m wishing you all of the very best things in life!!

With Love,


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Saturday with Marcus Aurelius

Wildflowers in My Garden, by Cheryl

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

(from The Spiritual Wisdom of Marcus Aurelius by Alan Jacobs)

Hello, and Happy Saturday! I’ve decided that since around here Saturdays are full to the brim with things to take care of, and people to spend time with, I will simplify life by sharing a few of my favorite poems, quotations, and lyrics. Today, I offer some profound words from the great Stoic Philosopher and Emperor of the Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius. He lived in interesting times, but managed to run an Empire and write his Meditations, which have inspired people ever since. I find his belief in reason and divine order comforting, and refreshing, and still so relevant.

All “that is” in every way is beautiful, like a red, red rose is beautiful in itself, and perfect in itself. That which is truly beautiful has no need of any addition. Praise is unnecessary. Is an emerald made worse if it is not praised for its greenness? Or gold for its aura, ivory for its whiteness, the cochineal dye for its purple, the lyre for its vibration, a tiny steel knife for its sharpness, a lily for its glory, a hydrangea bush for its blueness, are they worse off if no one flatters them?
There are many sticks of frankincense on the same altar. One burns out first, one later. It makes no difference, all bear their own fragrant perfume.
To avoid trouble do not look to find fault with your neighbor’s deeds but only with your own. A good man does not criticize the depraved morals of others; rather he pursues the straight line of goodness as an arrow pursues its target, as an excellent example.
Everything which happens happens perfectly. it comes from the Source of Creation.
Remove your opinion and so is the complaint “I have been hurt” taken away, the hurt has vanished. So let go of opinions – they are so relative.
Work with full attention, without too many words or busy busyness. Let the God within your heart be your guardian, your intuition.

Wishing you a day full of the best sort of divine attention to your beautiful life!






Poem of Love to Love

Art and photo by Cheryl

It has been a spell since I’ve been here writing and sharing. You know, that happens sometimes: life is busy, we don’t have anything to say, or we have too much to say, but aren’t certain how to say it. That has been my dilemma (if dilemma it is). So, here I am easing back with a favorite poem by Rumi about love – because I’ve been thinking a whole lot about love lately!

Love came,

and became like blood in my body.

It rushed through my veins and

encircled my heart.

Everywhere I looked,

I saw one thing.

Love’s name written

on my limbs,

on my left palm,

on my forehead,

on the back of my neck,

on my right big toe…

Oh, my friend,

all that you see of me

is just a shell,

and the rest belongs to love.


With lots of Love from me to you,


The Lute Will Beg

Photography by David Marcu

Photography by David Marcu


The Lute Will Beg

You need to become a pen

In the Sun’s hand.

We need for the Earth to sing

Through our pores and eyes.

The body will again become restless

Until your soul paints all its beauty

Upon the sky.

Don’t tell me, dear ones,

That what Hafiz says is not true,

For when the heart tastes its glorious destiny

And you awake to our constant need

For your love

God’s lute will beg

For your