Inspiration: Warrior Goddess

“…when we commit to ourselves, we don’t get to bypass our emotions or get a free “all-problems-go-away-instantly” pass. We don’t magically change into the perfect person we’ve been judging ourselves for not being. Walking the Warrior Goddess path is a process, one that starts with the commitment to empower ourselves and continues to ask us to recommit to our healing and truth every time we face a new and often unexpected challenge.”

Heatherash Amara from her book Warrior Goddess Training 

Lady Liberty by Kazuend

The recommitting is the key, yes?

Each Monday Whenever I feel like it I share a poem or quotation, an image or idea that I find lovely, or meaningful. Things that inspire and touch me. Maybe one will become your favorite too.

Hugs, Cheryl


Road Trip: Not Quite What I Expected

Iowa Early Spring Landscape

Iowa Early Spring Landscape

Note: This post was written for a road trip I took a few weeks ago. It’s interesting how that trip turned out, and though I don’t have a lot of fabulous photos or suggestions for great places to eat to share, I felt what happened and what I learned might be of interest to someone. I believe in the restorative power of road trips, but they can also help us learn a lesson, or two. 

Pre-trip angst:

I’d planned to take this road trip for a while. There was a special store I really had an itch to go visit, and the drive through the Iowa countryside on a beautiful spring day would give me time alone to really enjoy that delight. But then something happened, and I had to make a choice. Did I need to be there for someone else all day today, or could I find time for me? Would people think badly of me if I wasn’t there? Was I shallow, selfish, uncaring? Not long ago there would have been no contest. Do what everyone else needs was my imperative (as if I even know what they really need). Do what makes others think – “oh, she’s good, reliable, unselfish” – would have felt like my only choice. (Though, actually, who knows what they thought?)

But I’m (slowly) learning a new way. A way to be there for those I love, and to also let them be there for themselves. A way to be there for myself. I’ve been wanting to take this little trip for a long time, just waiting for a lovely day…and it’s here. And, wow, I really DO need to get away for a bit! Being there for everyone can mean not letting myself get out at all. I’m the one who seems to hold it together. But today I’ll go on my own to explore, and feel, and enjoy and create my new way of being. I’ll make Self space. I’ll breathe. I’ll let someone else hold things for a while. I’ll go with love, and I’ll let my sweetheart be with his family. But I will be here for him, in full, in the end because I’ll be full in myself. His pain doesn’t need to be mine, yet I can still help.

The Trip:

I took off for my long-planned road trip about noon, after some angst about going at all. My goal was to take the scenic route to Sisters Garden & Bloom near Kalona, but first, I was hungry. I decided to visit a place I’d been meaning to try, The Cottage Bakery & Deli in Iowa City. They offer takeout only, so I chose some yummy treats and headed to a nearby lake to enjoy a picnic. Such a beautiful day! I enjoyed watching the ducks and the leaping fish. The strawberry almond scone was absolutely delicious. And I can also recommend the tomato cheese bread – yum!

After lunch I took off for Kalona via the back roads, always the best route! I forget how much just driving around the countryside cheers me up and restores me. Iowa is beautiful in a way that comforts and delights. Along the road were farmers in the fields, the Amish in their buggies with such beautiful horses, flowers beginning to bloom, and green, green grass. I recorded a love letter to Iowa in Spring on my phone as I drove. When I figure out how I’ll share that here, but for now think burgeoning, succulent, intense color, feeling the sap rising, and the joy of becoming.

I arrived at my destination to find it all locked up. Yes, that WAS a buzz kill. I’d checked the hours at their Facebook page before I left. And they should have been open based on the hours on their gate too. But best laid plans often go astray, don’t they? Just for fun I like to see if I can figure out why, not in any logical way, but in a “what can I learn from this” way. (And mostly because it beats being pissed off!) I was pretty frustrated. I’d waited for weeks and drove myself crazy this morning debating this outing, and now my proposed reason for coming wasn’t even open! But it came to me that a road trip is never about the destination. If you think that, you’ll often be frustrated. It’s about the trip itself, how it makes you feel to be out in the world. It’s about exploration, not knowing what will happen or what you’ll find. It’s about finding out more about yourself along the way. In that sense this was a spectacularly successful trip! For me it was also about making a choice to follow my intuition about what I needed to do today, and to not follow the old programming I hadn’t even bothered to question for so long.

On the way home I stopped at a store I hadn’t been to before, The Rug Cottage and Barntiques. It’s a cute little country sort of store with some quite beautiful rugs. They have new, vintage, and antique items. I found a treasure or two to bring home, and a gift for my sweetie. Below you can see the few photos I took, but this trip was mostly about just enjoying the ride!

A good road trip is vital for my sanity, and maybe for yours too. I love to engage with the world, meet new people, gain greater perspective, and sometimes I learn a thing or two, as well! This is a new Road Trip series (see the first post here), so I’ll be writing and sharing my travels regularly. Let me know about your road trips below, or at

Love, Cheryl

The Rug Cottage, near Iowa City

The Rug Cottage, near Iowa City

Inside The Rug Cottage

Inside The Rug Cottage

Spring Buds

Spring Buds

Treasures at The Rug Cottage

Treasures at The Rug Cottage











Goddess Inspired: Quick Getaway

Image by Cheryl Haezebroeck

Image by Cheryl Haezebroeck

Quick Getaway

My heart says

Be bold. Jump in

with both feet.

But part of me

still wants to jump

in with one foot, so

I have the other

available for a

quick getaway.

In case my heart

picks something

I’m not ready for


Brian Andreas

On an occasional Monday I share a poem or quotation, an image or idea that I find lovely, or meaningful. Things that inspire and touch me. Maybe one will become your favorite too.

Road Trip! A Local Affair

I love to road trip – in fact I’m pretty sure it’s in my DNA. I come from a back roads, road-trippin’ family. Many weekends of my childhood we took off to explore the back ways to a park where we’d have a picnic and hike or fish. My dad was the back road king, and my mom the one who made it an event that didn’t end in tears by bringing all the important comforts of home along with us. I still love to take off and discover the roads less driven. In fact, I feel you can create an entire amazing vacation without even leaving the county. Last Saturday I took off on a trip and didn’t even leave town! When do you get away? I think it’s vital to get out, explore, learn about your area, enjoy nature and the sunshine, You can meet great business owners and other intrepid local travelers. You can get some fresh air, exercise, and a new out look on life. Do you need to go to Florida, or is there an adventure for you right near home? Taking time to explore is the best way I know to let those great creative ideas download into your conscious brain. Here are photos of a few places in my town, snapped while I walked and enjoyed some February sun and May temperatures.

My Town - Downtown

My Town – Downtown

The Goddess Isis

The Goddess Isis

Flags - Herbert Hoover Historic Site

Flags – Herbert Hoover Historic Site

Prairie - Hoover Historic Site

Prairie – Hoover Historic Site

E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum

House - West Branch

House – West Branch


Romance & You: Enjoy the Romance in Life

Ahhh, romance! It’s delicious, foolish, necessary, a waste of time, sheer pleasure, or absolute pain. Some people love it, and others think it’s just a way to manipulate someone. Some people feel it’s strictly about a boy/girl relationship, or that it’s something someone does for, or to you. If you’re in the group who feel romance is silly and overdone – well, you’ve probably already stopped reading – but if you like a bit of deliciousness, sensuality, passion and love in your life, read on.

I can see why romance gets a bad rap. I was reading definitions of romance today and they range from true love, to something that lacks basis in fact (with several more or less flattering stops in between). Hmmmm. Interesting, yes? But romance is about love, and love is something we can feel for all types of people, and things, and places. I see no reason to limit it to a possible mate. Sure, romantic love is traditionally something you share with a person you desire, but romance can be about anything that makes you feel a bit swoony, or loved and cared for, or valued.

Here’s my definition of romance (also from the dictionary, but chosen to fit my experience of romance): an attraction or appeal to the emotions or senses, a love story, love, passion, a flirtation, an idyll. These are such delightful things to have in your life that I feel they shouldn’t be left up to chance, or a certain person, or even a novel or a movie. These are things you can create in your life right now to enhance beauty, joy, and pleasure!

With Valentine’s Day arriving fast I wanted to share a list I’ve been working on of ways to invite romance into your life. These don’t require a fellow participant, but they could certainly be shared with another. Mostly this list is intended to offer ways to love and care for yourself, to enjoy a delicious life full of joy, to know you don’t need to wait a single moment for another person to take care of you – you’ve got this! If I could teach one thing to my clients, myself, and to you, it would be to understand the truth that the most important relationship you have in this world is with yourself. Fortunately, that is one relationship you can make amazing right now!

Here is my list of ways to add romance to life. Enjoy!

Love, Cheryl

Goddess Inspired: Introverts & Parents

Image by Katie Chase

Parenting was made for extroverts

I was told about patience
and coming alongside
their emotions

I was prepared for less sleep
and less sex

I surrendered my hygiene
and my core

but nobody warned me
that parenting was made
for extroverts

that I would pretend
to have to pee
just to close a door

that I would ask my children
if we could play
the jail game again
where they stuff me between
two chairs
and throw a blanket
over me

and that I would tell them
even after their third try
to free me
that I wasn’t rehabilitated yet

I sat today
on the kitchen floor
back against the fridge

mommy needs nobody to talk to her
for a few minutes, ok

and I closed my eyes
fantasizing about the solitude
of ashrams
entrance exams
tanning beds

then my son slides
a piece of paper
around the corner

it has hearts on it
in green
which is my favourite colour
and my name
and his name
inside the biggest one

which is when I remember
that there is no balance
in a day
or a decade
but that the aloneness
will come
and I will savour it
and then
I will not.

Samantha Reynolds at

Each Monday I share a poem or quotation, an image or idea that I find lovely, or meaningful. Things that inspire and touch me. Maybe one will become your favorite too.