“Since working with Cheryl, I have made major progress in many areas of my life. I am working through money issues that have plagued me for decades. I am opening up to new ideas and possibilities for my business. I have made it through some major personal challenges with much more ease and grace than I would have in the past, thanks to the tools and techniques Cheryl taught me. And I am creating more peace in my life in general.

Cheryl is wonderful to work with: She is always supporting and encouraging. You can share anything with her and feel safe – there is never any judgment. And she’s fun! She has many different tools she will share with you for different things that come up in life. I have made more progress in the months I have worked with Cheryl than in years before. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”


Cathy O’Brien

Heart and Paws Animal Healing


“From the initial intake form, through to our last session, Cheryl continued to gently move me forward on my path, with inspired intelligence and tools that moved me from my thinking self to my believing self.

What do I mean by that? When we began working together, I had a 22 hour a week desk job, active urban gardening clients, and was just starting a new, geographically flexible business. By the end of our 6 sessions, I had created an entirely unexpected stream of income that replaced my desk job. Cheryl helped me to see/understand all the value that I had contributed to the desk job company, and with that grounded center, I gave notice and quit to pursue my bigger visions/dreams.”


“Cheryl is a kind, wise and joyful coach! She provides keen insight and guidance. She possesses a wealth of tools and knowledge of resources that help with a variety of issues. Cheryl has excellent listening skills and a willingness and ability to adapt to wherever I am at the moment, whether we are focusing on a specific aspect or on the bigger picture.

Cheryl’s notes of our sessions enable me to actively reflect and to practice the tools we explored. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Cheryl and offer my highest recommendation!”

Shelly Smith