Home love, (at my previous house) by Cheryl

Note: SO, you get sick on Day 4 of your 30 Day Blogging Love challenge – what do you do? Here is a re-post from 2015 about interior design and my personal Design Manifesto. Enjoy!

When you tell someone you’re an interior designer, they have an idea of what that means. There are plenty of design shows, and blogs, and magazines, after all. We all know what a designer does, right?

Hmmm…not so much, maybe. Because we’re all different, we designers, and we mostly don’t design for cable TV programs. 🙂 Also, “good” design is a bit subjective. What’s “good” to me could be “bad” to someone else – and that is actually what I love about design! It’s personal. And it should be personal, whether it’s for a business or your home. The point of design, of any kind, is to create personalized solutions for people.

Interior design isn’t about a space being pretty, or “cool”, or “in-style” or striking – though it may be one, or several, of those things. Design is about creating an environment that feels like something to you, something you want to experience. It could be passion, peace, comfort, excitement, warmth, belonging, relaxation, harmony, etc. As an interior designer I don’t sell furniture, or window treatments, or tell you how your home should look. I enable you to love the places you spend your time in by helping you to access the deep longings you have, and fulfill those needs and wants in your environment.

For those who wonder…..Here’s my Design Manifesto:

  • If you really LOVE it (really love it, as in you chose it, or if you didn’t, you adore it anyway) then I love it for you too (even if my aesthetic is very different than yours).
  • Good design feels good to you.
  • Good design functions well for your needs and life.
  • Good design supports you in your best life and expression of yourself.
  • It doesn’t need to cost a lot or be a certain brand name.
  • Good design is adaptable and flexible.
  • Good design showcases your life – what you love, do, feel, desire.
  • It also enhances your life.
  • You are the ultimate designer – it’s about your innate ability to make the best choices for you. Yes, you may want help to interpret it all, but it is your home, office, family, etc.
  • There are no real rules. Or, if you like, rules are meant to be broken when they don’t serve your design inspiration.
  • Ceilings absolutely deserve love too! Let’s stop ignoring them!
  • Color, texture, light, and other design elements, are also elements of healing.
  • “Every room needs some black” just means that contrast and depth are important considerations in an environment, just as in life.

I could, of course, go on! But mostly what I believe is that design isn’t magic, it isn’t tricky, or only found in those “to the trade only” showrooms. It’s about you – your family, your life, your work, your loves and desires. Simple.

Lots of Love,