Activating Your Dreams: An Altar Practice

If you’re anything like me you have tons of ideas, lots of dreams, a bunch of wishes. They come and go, and they’re gone! You want to remember them, do something with them. You might write them down and end up with lots and lots of words, but maybe (probably…) no action. I’ve had this happen so often! But I’ve found a fun solution for making my ideas and dreams come true, for remembering them, and for taking positive steps to make them real.

In my free mini-course I’d like to share this solution with you. You’ll learn how to use an altar creation process and practice to add beauty and meaning to your life. You’ll also enhance your home or office, and your connection to the Divine. An altar is a sacred space to help you and your dreams to flourish! Learn more and sign up here!

Fresh Ideas for Your Word of the Year Journey

If you like to choose a Word of the Year, (like I do!) then you’ll know the joys (and inevitable frustrations) of embracing a Word, its meaning, and also its presence in your life. It’s a journey that can end in forgetfulness or boredom. Trust me I’ve had several Words that ended that way – and quickly!

This free offering is designed to help you engage with your Word in fun and meaningful ways all through the year. It’s full of ideas and practices you can use to plan your Word journey, or just for some occasional inspiration. Sign up or find out more right here.

Romance & You!

The most important relationship you will ever have while you’re here is with your sacred and delightful self. Romance is a way to look at life, and a way to experience it, that invites love into a relationship – even one with yourself! Here I share some ways to woo romance into your life. Choose one, or many, and enjoy greater self-worth, delicious self-care, and the nurturing you crave.

Full Moon Altars

I love creating altars for engaging with life, and Spirit, and to enhance areas of my life. This is a fun practice for feeling into and using the energy of the full moon. According to Avia Venefica on her website the full moon is “Symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire.”  What gorgeous mojo to bring into our daily lives! You can learn more here on my free page about full moon altars and ceremonies.