Activating Your Dreams: An Altar Practice

& A Free Mini-Course!

I started making altars many years ago – just intuitively – by collecting meaningful objects and arranging them in a way that pleased me. They tended to have a theme and reminded me of something that mattered to me. Later I kept running into altars people had made, or reading about them in books and articles. I loved the idea of home altars for honoring family, or the spirits of home and place. Then I began to make altars with intentions for my life using the ancient practice of Vastu. As I did this I realized these sacred spaces were a great way for me to really focus on what I wanted more of in my life. And I loved the connection to God (Spirit, Universe, whatever you call the Divine) that they offer too. Plus I just love making them – they’re pretty, creative, and fun!

In this course you’ll learn what I’ve learned about altars and how I make them. They’re brilliant for helping you remember to care for your dreams and to take steps for making them real!

You’ll receive 4 emails:

Day 1: Is an introduction and explanation of altars, and ideas for how they can enhance your life.

Day 2: On the second day we talk about dreams and work on developing your desired intention for your altar. You’ll learn about types of altars too.

Day 3: This email is all about objects and symbols you can use, and putting them all together to create your new altar!

Day 4: Finally, we’ll activate our altars and learn how to tend to them. There’s a video walk-through of my business altar, and a list of resources for more information.

Each day has a Making it Happen section for taking action and creating your altar step-by-step. The first two days require a minimal amount of time – maybe 10 minutes. On the other two days you may want to allow 30 minutes (or longer if you like to take your time and linger, as I do). When you’re done you’ll have a beautiful altar, and lots of ideas for fulfilling your intentions. If you’ve never created an altar this course is a great primer. If you have, I think you’ll still enjoy (and benefit from) what I’ve learned about making the most of this fun practice! I think you’ll find it will help you to clarify, attract, and activate your dreams

With Love, Cheryl