Focused Coaching Sessions


Goddess Inspiration!

In this session we will tune into our Inner Goddess for insight and information about an area of distress or worry in your life. Or this could be a fun & inspiring check-in to learn what you need to know right now to make the most of your delightful life. We’ll use the imagery and words from an oracle card that I’ve drawn with the intention of addressing your concern or question. In my experience this practice is extremely useful and always relevant! I’ll help you as you access the message your intuitive Self offers and we’ll see where that information takes you and what you learn. Then we’ll talk about practices, tools, and next steps to help you move forward as you desire.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sessions are 60 minutes of focused attention.
  • I offer comprehensive notes that include action steps, further tools and practices to try, as well as a summary of what we covered during the session. My clients really like these and save them for reference. This allows you to be fully present during the session with no worries about note taking.
  • You also receive two weeks of follow-up for questions and/or email coaching.
  • If you’ve never worked with me I offer (and recommend!) a free 20-30 minute “Getting to Know You” conversation where we can discuss your goals for working with me, answer questions you have, and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Single Sessions are $90. Click here to schedule a session. Or email me at I’d love to hear from you!

Planning Session(s) – Coming Someday! 🙂

This offering is a great way to get help planning for your life, home, new prospects, business, etc. If you’re like me there are times you just get overwhelmed by all you need to do. Maybe you have big dreams but get nowhere because you’re afraid you can’t find the energy and time. Or you could be frustrated and confused about where to begin and what to do next to craft a life you love. Well, I can help! Trust me when I say I have been there – I actually studied professional organizing so I could learn more about this! I’ve also continued to study ways and means for planning (and invented a few helpful processes) which I use to help myself and my clients. My approach is to make it real but engaging, to include dreams as a vital part of the process, and make it flexible so it can flow with the changeability of life.

How it works:

This is a 3 session package that we can schedule as close together as you like. You may want plenty of time between sessions to do the work (there are steps to do after each session – the amount of time needed will vary depending on your goals and what we cover in the session) or you may want to just get it all done at once! Once you schedule the first session I’ll send an email with more information and the next steps.

  • Session 1: Big Picture! We’ll look at your dreams, goals, and wishes; and also the gremlins of fear and doubt that may be holding you up. This is also when we get honest about what has and hasn’t been working, and how that has helped and cost you.
  • Session 2: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! In this session we’ll pull together all of your work for the first session and you’ll decide what you are going to do – for real. We’ll talk about your worries and get your Power Goddess on board to assist you.
  • Session 3: Schedule it! This is when we put those ideas, plans, and dreams on a calendar so they can happen. I share lots of ideas here for easy scheduling, follow through, and what to do when things change (and they will).

This package will include hand-outs for the tools and practices I share, plus a quick guide for next steps after each session. There will be interesting, insightful and even fun homework between sessions. I will be available for questions and email coaching between sessions too. The fee is $220 for all 3 sessions and you can book it here!