Summer Garden Memories

I’ve spent a lot of time talking and writing about Word of the Year over the last few years (you can find those posts here), it IS, after all, one of my favorite tools for awareness, growth, and fun! Today, I just want to share a very quick tool for optimizing your Word this year.

Each day, take your Word and then add another word to it. This is the theme for your day.

My main Word of the Year practice so far this year has been is to add a word that I want to experience to my Word of the Year – Unlimited. So, for example, today is Unlimited Caring. This is pretty fabulous, because I not only learn about my Word Unlimited – I can experience it tinted with Caring. I can look for Unlimited Caring in the world, I can look for it in myself, and I can choose to experience it, and be it, and offer it. I can think about what Unlimited Caring is, how it feels, and what it looks like.

And if you want to take it a step further you can create journal pages about your Word and the theme of the day. To start, I create a collage on one journal page by choosing images that feel like Unlimited _________ (the word I’ve chosen for today). Then I write about what I see and what I intuit from the collage about this theme for me. Below is my collage for Unlimited Prosperity.

Journal page for Unlimited Prosperity

And that’s it! I’m finding it to be a really profound and interesting practice. If you’re looking for more ways to engage with and learn about your Word of the Year I have a free e-course that has lots and lots of ideas for you!

I hope you’re enjoying your Word of the year journey! If you don’t have a Word of the Year and want to check it out, Susannah Conway and Christine Kane both have helpful guides.

Happy Word Play!!


(Note: There may be some Words this practice doesn’t work with, but I tried it with all of my previous Words and it worked pretty well. Even the word Soar – free, high, happily, with love, etc. – was doable.)