Image by Tegan Mierle

When I began training as a life coach I entered an alternate universe – one I had been hoping and dreaming of for a long time. It was a land of honesty, grace, love, and a desire to be of help to the world.It included amazing people (mostly women) who had not let the drama, misery, pain or mistakes in their lives to deflate them, but allowed these experiences to hone them, teach them, and give them something to share to help others. These women are brave, kind, highly ethical, openly spiritual, and delightfully fun! I have been graced with their beautiful offerings, and observed how they practice the art of business in a new way that gives me hope for all of us, and our future. I’m sharing with you here some of these women and their work in the world. Perhaps you’ll find a perfect fit for what you need right now to empower your flourishing life!

Amy Palko is a gorgeous Scotswoman who knows her goddesses and is a true heart-centered business owner. She’s an artist, poet, and teacher, and so much more. Find her here:  She is doing her Summer Solstice Selkie Petition – a beautiful and truly unique offering – very soon. Sign up here;

Lauren Miranda Gilbert is a truly intuitive, witty, and practical astrologer and life coach. She combines tarot, astrology, and coaching to help clients access the deep knowing that heals. Her website is available here:

Jamie Ridler is just delightful! She has videos from her studio at YouTube, lots of delicious classes and offerings at her site, and a newsletter I appreciate each week. I have no idea how she does all she does but she’s always smiling! I love her Full Moon Dreamboard workshops.

Cathy O’Brien is a beautiful person with a beautiful mission. She offers Reiki for animals and their people for healing, peace, and wellness. She also leads amazing Healing Circles in the SF Bay area for endangered animals and the planet. Her website is here:

Mary Lunnen is a gentle soul and a pleasure to know. She offers Rediscovery Coaching and Rediscovery Cards to help you with life’s struggles. She also holds Dare to Blossom workshops Cornwall. You can access a free session with her here:

Emily Kristofferson is an amazing business coach! She has a lovely approach, and so many tools and ideas to help you with your business. Connect with her here:

Jeanette Maw is a the LOA coach in my world. I love her wisdom, verve, and willingness to put it out there! You can work with her at her website , from there you can access her blog, Good Vibes University and more! There is just so much here to read and ways to connect with others interested in LOA – it’s an amazing resource.

I was just recently introduced to Randi Buckley, but anyone who has a Viking Woman workshop is in my tribe! She’s known for her fabulous work in creating Healthy Boundaries for Kind People. Access her website here:

I hope you enjoy learning more about these amazing women and are inspired by them, as I am. It’s a gorgeous world that includes people and offerings like these!

Blessings and Love,

Cheryl (PS, I’ll be on vacation until June 20th, but I’ll return with the Solstice!)