Blogging Love Experiment:

Ahhh, February! A new month! It feels like a new year, but January is a transition month (named after old Janus – looking to the future and the past), so I guess that makes sense. And to celebrate I’m starting a Blogging Love experiment today. I’ll be writing blog posts for 30 days straight! I expect to learn a lot in this process – and I hope you do too! I’ll be expanding the topics I write about and sharing my interests, ideas, home, and life with you more. That will look like posts about planning (when you actually don’t like to plan), and my own oracle card spreads (you’ll find one below), posts about my favorite goddesses, and about design and home life, and how function and beauty are so personal to you. I’ll share dream board ideas and projects, and how to use art to feel better. And more…

I sure hope you find something useful and enjoyable! If you’d like to receive a weekly update via email you can go to my home page and sign up for one of my free offers (so you’ll get a free e-course too!). If you’ve already signed up for one of my courses in the past, then you’re all set. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

New Moon Card Spread:

I created this spread to use each month on the New Moon – which is a great time to begin, plan, and plant the seeds you want to grow. You can use this spread, or create one of your own using this concept. This New Moon is in Aquarius (on February 4th, at 3:04pm Central time – 9:04pm GMT) – innovation, the desire to serve humanity, and detachment are themes here. An oracle card draw is the kind of thing that makes planning fun and meaningful for me – to find insight in the cards, and then apply that to my hopes and goals for the month. If you find planning dull and/or annoying – it could help you with motivation too! I’ll be sharing the cards I drew on Instagram – and I’d love to see yours too! (Tag me or send me a DM, so I’m sure to see it.)

I hope you have a perfect Moon cycle and fabulous February! Please contact me at with any questions, or to share your insights!

Love to you & see you tomorrow!