Photo by Joanna Kosinska

Photo by Joanna Kosinska

I can journal with the best of ’em, but there are times when a bit of a nudge will allow me to access areas I don’t get to when I’m free writing. For this I like to use prompts or mini scripts to help me. I’ve answered each of the below prompts in numerous ways, just allowing my intuition to answer. The results are always pretty amazing! Things I didn’t consciously know I wanted to address, or things I really wanted to do but had been ignoring, or how I really feel about something – will all flow right out.

Here are a few prompts to try. Set aside a bit of time, grab a pen, your journal or a sheet of paper, and just write what comes up. All answers are correct! Write as much as you want – involve your senses and imagination. Choose just one prompt or several. One word answers are just fine, but won’t give you as much insight as longer ones. I also like to set the scene with a delicious beverage, a cozy chair, and a quiet place.

Insight Prompts:

  • I thrill to the sound (scent, touch, sight, taste) of ___________.
  • While I was sleeping last night I learned________________.
  • Home is where I______________.
  • ________________ feels so fresh and delicious to me right now!
  • My perfect health is supported by_________________.
  • Today I really love__________________and I feel it (how, where, why)_________________________.
  • My perfect path (for… you can be specific here if you want) appeared today! It looks like___________. It feels like___________. It tastes like_________. It sounds like_________. It smells like___________.
  • I realize it’s time to ____________, because now I know______________, and I can express this desire in my life by ______________.
  • I recall that time _________________ (something you want to have happen, written as if it has happened). I was just so scared, but I tried anyway because I ________________. And it was perfect, a dream come true for me because _________________ (the amazing thing that happened and how). And now I’m so grateful, and also proud of myself!

When you’re done you’ll likely have new information about yourself, or perhaps reinforcement for something you’ve been considering, or a new idea of something to try. I like to follow this practice up with some action. I used the last prompt recently and realized that I had been waiting to teach classes locally because I felt I wasn’t ready. But journaling inspired by that prompt helped me realize I really know and have all I need right now, and it even suggested several ways I can begin. So, I can get that ball rolling right now!

I hope you find these prompts are of help to you too.

Hugs, Cheryl

PS Since this post I had an interview and will be teaching this Fall at the local community college! I might have waited forever if I hadn’t written about that prompt. I’m really happy I followed up too.