A New Page

So, I want to tell you the story of a woman (OK, spoiler, it’s me) who has lived an “interesting” life. If by interesting you mean she’s not gone for more than 3 straight years her whole life without a major life event occurring (moves – so many moves, loss of loved ones, births, illnesses, illnesses of loved ones, changes of jobs, marriages, divorce, new education and graduations, buying houses and selling houses, redesigning houses, starting overs and endings, etc.). Maybe you’re like that too. If so – welcome my soul-friend! If not, you may still find something here that resonates.   

In all of this change, and transformation, and learning about life I’ve, you know, learned a lot about life, and also learned how much more there is to learn. I find that exciting! I just hope I can do it without all of the outside “help” I’ve had in the past. 🙂 I’ve spent a lot of time feeling like I’m being reborn, or getting ready to be reborn, or almost over where I’m at now – you know – on the cusp. As I look back I think that has been accurate, and I’m not sure if I just move through things quickly or if I’m on the “20 Cities in 10 Days” life itinerary.

No matter – what I’m really here for is to make the most of whatever I have, and to love life. And then to offer that back in the best way I know to support and help others. I have no set expectations of how that needs to look. Up to now I’ve been an interior designer, a Reiki master, a professional organizer, a life coach, and lots of other things too. These will continue to be and/or inform my offerings. I think the difference will be in how I share them. I’ve been primarily a life coach for the last 6 years and I adore it, but it’s time for me to let that evolve into new coaching paths and approaches (really very exciting!).

The beauty of right now is that I can feel the urge to be reborn, and I’ve been aware through it all without major outward changes forcing my hand or distracting me. Wow!! It’s quite a thrill, let me tell you. So, I’ve been here and present; but I’ve also had to learn how to sit with it, and wait, and be open, and be patient, and have faith, have faith, have faith. It’s really very lovely (when it isn’t terrifying!). So, I’m riding this evolution in my life, and of course in my business too, because I can’t separate one from the other.

I’ve been waiting until I was SURE and DONE and CLEAR until I told you what I was up to (except in the vaguest of ways), but it turns out that may be a bit yet. And also it may look from the outside like itty-bitty steps. Or like I disappeared. Or went mad. I’m not actually sure yet exactly what will happen – there are some moving pieces I’m waiting on. And I have lots of ideas – so many ideas! Right now I’m riding the wave. Be sure that you will be the first to know about any changes here and I hope you will LOVE them. I’m really excited! Expect yelling from the rooftops…someday. We’ll get there – have faith. And thank you so much for being my client and reading my posts and emails. You are truly the BEST!  

Lots of Love,


PS Did I mention I’m really excited??  And also I wanted to let you know there will still be new blog posts, and emails, and free content as things are brewing behind the scenes. And I’m quite easy to find on Instagram most days too! And if you have any questions or want to share anything – just send me a message at cheryl@theintrepidgoddess.com and I’ll get back to you. <3