Snowy Day










I just began a new practice (inspired by Susannah Conway’s Unravelling 2016). I’m writing each morning about what I want to let go of now.

This is a wonderful time of year to release the old – whether it’s events, people, or thoughts from the past year, or much older unneeded and unwanted things. The world practically leaps up to help you now. At least in my part of the world, the spare, the clear, the crisp are all around offering inspiration for a fresh start.

I sit in the quiet morning and write out what old thing I want to release today. What do I no longer need that would benefit someone else’s life? What thoughts or practices do I have that really don’t serve me? What holds me back? What hurts do I want to heal by gently offering them to forgiveness and love?

Today I chose to give up the fears that keep me from fully being my newest incarnation of myself. Life is ever changing and I’m always changing too. Today I’m an empty-nester, a “crone”, an entrepreneur, a blogger; a beginner in so many ways! It’s a rush!! And so different from my previous selves that I really fear I can’t do it. Then I look back and see all of the me’s I’ve become, and I take comfort; I figured those out and I’ll figure these out too.

Here’s how the releasing practice works:

  • Write each day about what you no longer need or want in your life. Choose one thing to release today.
  • Spend some time seeing how life looks without this thing you’re ready to let go of (the fear, event, situation, item, person, thought or belief, etc.). How do you feel without that thought about how fat you are? What is delicious about no longer needing to attempt perfection as a mother? What if you enjoyed, or at least valued, time spent (or invested, as I like to say) on bill paying, or laundry, or at “work”, instead of mourning it? What if you released all of the old rules and judgments and just allowed yourself to love…yourself? Write about this too.
  • Send an intention out into the world to let this thing go. With forgiveness and love see it leaving you, feel it release. Smile. That’s a grand step you’ve taken!
  • What action are you inspired to take (if any)? You could give this thing away to someone who can use it. You could spend a bit of time each hour recalling the feeling of freedom in no longer having that negative thought about yourself. You can thank that voice in your head, the one telling you that you’ll fail, for its concern, but you don’t need it anymore. You’ve got this! You may feel grief – after all this thing has been a constant companion for a while. Let that be OK. Let it go through, and on out.

I’m going to do this daily for a week. I’ll be welcoming the New Year with less baggage to carry! And then I’ll add it to my morning ritual, perhaps once each week, to keep things beautifully light. Some things will likely require more than one releasing, after all they’ve been with me for a while. I won’t forget them completely right away. And that is why we call it a “practice”, yes? We get to do it more than once and each time we do we learn more.

I’d love if you joined me. Because it’s the season for lightening up, each day a bit more light!