Geraniums and Impatiens, by Cheryl

Happy Monday!!

Today, I have another oracle spread I’d like to share with you.

This one I didn’t make up myself, I read about it in the book that accompanies The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky. (You’d think that was the only deck I have as much as I’ve talked about it and used it lately – but that would be untrue! So many decks and so many books – it’s a bit of a habit!!) I love this spread because it’s so versatile, and helpful in several ways too. And it’s simple – I DO like simple things! (Note: Amy may call this something else in her book – I am just sharing how I use it and what I call it.)

The Sacred Circle of Advisers spread is for accessing inner guides and finding assistance. You can use it for any life area, situation, relationship, topic, etc. that’s up for you right now. And you can call on from 1-12 helpers as desired. You can also use any oracle or tarot deck you have around. You may see your helpers as guides – someone like a goddess, an archangel, an ascended master, or an animal guide, etc,.and there are plenty of decks of this type to use for this approach. But I’ve had as much help from a tarot deck – I consider the cards as helping energies then. It’s all up to you and what you want and feel good about. Your choice may vary by the topic you are asking about, as well.

For example, I have an Advisory Circle for my business – the circle changes as my concerns and needs change (though I do find certain cards show up over and over – I love that!). I tend to use either The Goddess Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle cards (by Doreen Virtue), or The Keepers of the Light deck (by Kyle Gray) for this spread. For other questions or life areas my favorite guides are often animals and I have several amazing decks for that (Animal Allies by Jessica Swift, The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, and Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer). But again – use what you have – they’re all helpful!  SO, let’s get to that spread, shall we? 


Sacred Circle of Advisers Oracle Spread:

  • Consider your question or area of concern. I like to write mine down.
  • Choose a deck to use. Get comfortable, you can sit anywhere you like that feels good and you have a bit of a surface to shuffle and set cards down. If you like to write out your insights include paper and pen. For this spread the book suggests sitting on the floor and placing your adviser cards in a circle around you. That really is a nice touch! But not necessary. I think comfort is important too
  • Now shuffle and choose your cards in whatever manner you prefer. You can just draw cards until you feel you have the right number of advisers – or you feel “done”; or you can determine the number of cards you want to choose before you draw cards. For a quick answer I often choose one adviser – that can become a very nice and close relationship then with that guide. For other concerns you want more input – for my business Circle I draw 6-7 cards. I want a broader base for that.
  • Look at your helpers! Who has come to give you a hand? The cards/guides offer information for you right now about your question. What do they have to tell you? But they also can offer help over time just by considering their messages. For example, Eagle has shown up for me many times! She has certain messages for me at certain times. She may be telling me to take a larger view one day, and asking me to be open to opportunities on another day. You can continue to ask your guide what messages and help they have for you and call on them for clarity and insights.


Sacred Adviser Circle with the Animal Allies deck by Jessica Swift, (photo by Cheryl)

Above is my Circle for a big change I’m looking at making in my life. Lots of really fabulous helpers for me here and their advice is already guiding me to a better solution – and helping me feel a lot more clear. I hope you discover a Sacred Circle to help you too! Let me know how it goes at ,or if you have any questions, drop me a line! It is always wonderful to hear from you!!



Note: I often share links to books or oracle cards, etc. – I am not an affiliate for anyone – these are just provided for your information.