Wildflowers in My Garden, by Cheryl

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

(from The Spiritual Wisdom of Marcus Aurelius by Alan Jacobs)

Hello, and Happy Saturday! I’ve decided that since around here Saturdays are full to the brim with things to take care of, and people to spend time with, I will simplify life by sharing a few of my favorite poems, quotations, and lyrics. Today, I offer some profound words from the great Stoic Philosopher and Emperor of the Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius. He lived in interesting times, but managed to run an Empire and write his Meditations, which have inspired people ever since. I find his belief in reason and divine order comforting, and refreshing, and still so relevant.

All “that is” in every way is beautiful, like a red, red rose is beautiful in itself, and perfect in itself. That which is truly beautiful has no need of any addition. Praise is unnecessary. Is an emerald made worse if it is not praised for its greenness? Or gold for its aura, ivory for its whiteness, the cochineal dye for its purple, the lyre for its vibration, a tiny steel knife for its sharpness, a lily for its glory, a hydrangea bush for its blueness, are they worse off if no one flatters them?
There are many sticks of frankincense on the same altar. One burns out first, one later. It makes no difference, all bear their own fragrant perfume.
To avoid trouble do not look to find fault with your neighbor’s deeds but only with your own. A good man does not criticize the depraved morals of others; rather he pursues the straight line of goodness as an arrow pursues its target, as an excellent example.
Everything which happens happens perfectly. it comes from the Source of Creation.
Remove your opinion and so is the complaint “I have been hurt” taken away, the hurt has vanished. So let go of opinions – they are so relative.
Work with full attention, without too many words or busy busyness. Let the God within your heart be your guardian, your intuition.

Wishing you a day full of the best sort of divine attention to your beautiful life!