Vinca Major, by Cheryl



Well, it was interesting (and past about Day 22, definitely a challenge, whew!). I’m going to take some time now to assimilate all I’ve learned and consider where I want to go with my blogging now. I’ll be sure to let you know, in case you’re interested. I sincerely appreciate you reading my words and even allowing me into your email boxes! That is a gift!

I’ve had so much fun sharing myself, my favorite ideas, old posts, planning tools, oracle card spreads, life design practices, even an old family recipe – and more – with you. I hope it hasn’t been annoying or boring for you – and if it was I certainly hope you just stayed away and enjoyed the things you enjoy! But if anything was of any help to you – that is the point for me and I’m very grateful to all of you who read my posts and let me know what you thought, or if you found one of help to you. Thank you!

Here are the last 9 posts in my 30 Days of Blogging Love Challenge:

Two Steps to a De-LIGHT-ful Week is about creating a better week for yourself when Monday seems like a very bad idea!

Prompts for Insightful Journaling is a re-post including a few of my favorite journaling prompts that I had actually forgotten about until I dug up this post again! I hope you find them full of insights too.

Grandma Crawford’s Oatmeal Bars with Browned Butter Frosting – a beloved old family recipe to share with you.

A Quick Paper Clearing Session – how to clear a file drawer quickly and without undue misery!

Goddess Friday with Playful Bast – this post is about choosing a Goddess to enlighten a fresh new month, as well as an oracle card spread to use for more information.

Beautiful Words from Beautiful Mary Oliver includes collages I made with excerpts from a few of her poems to celebrate her life.

What to do About Those Songs in Your Head is also a repost – and it’s all about a favorite insight tool of mine to use the songs that get stuck in your head to learn about what your Inner Self wants you to know.

Sacred Circle of Advisers (an oracle spread) this spread is super versatile and simple and offers you information for this moment, and guidance for going forward as well.

This is officially the last post – number 30. I’ll certainly be writing again, but probably not as often! Wishing you the very best and thanking you again!

Blessings and Spring (or Autumn) wishes to you!! And a Happy New Moon! 



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