Lovely Lily, by Cheryl

Happy Saturday (only it’s Sunday…)

I’m a day delayed due to a food born illness (that’s right, you don’t want to know, and if it weren’t for this 30 day challenge I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all!). Sometimes even desire and good planning aren’t sufficient to overcome the tides of life. And that is OK. We’re here to live (and love) the life we’re in, and that includes illness at times. Thank goodness mine is a brief one and I’m getting better already.

To cheer us all up I have some poems from the delightful mind of Brian Andreas – a man who knows about life and shares it with us in such a gorgeous form. His poems are often accompanied by his fun and fabulous artwork.  If you know about Brian you know about his affiliation with Story People, once his company, but Brian has moved away from Story People (a long and sad story in itself, you can check it out here). Brian’s new home is at Flying Edna and his new work is amazing! If you don’t know about Brian Andreas – you have a pleasant surprise coming!!

Stand Off

I don’t worry about what

could go wrong.


I worry about whether

I’m in a place yet

where I could handle it


if everything goes right.


Busy Work

At a certain point,

feeling afraid

is a bad habit

from when you thought

being afraid

would somehow



Here’s the thing

you should know:

it doesn’t.


Feel free to stop

any time.


Quick Getaway

My heart says

Be bold. Jump in

with both feet.


But part of me

still wants to jump

in with one foot, so

I have the other

available for a

quick getaway.


In case my heart

picks something

I’m not ready for



Two Paths

No matter what, you

always have two paths.

One where everyone

else goes


& the other you

discover yourself.


Usually some bruising

with the second one,

but it’s a hell of a lot

more fun.


Simple Truth

Her whole life shifted the day

she started to tell the truth

about what made her happy.


I never knew it could be

so simple, she said.


I hope you enjoyed these. They’re from Brian’s charming book Something Like Magic. I’m wishing Brian a beautiful new start, and I’m wishing you all of the very best things in life!!

With Love,


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