Hydrangeas, by Cheryl

For this Goddess Friday post I drew a card from one of my goddess oracle decks to share with you. My intention was to draw a card with the Goddess who could be of help to everyone who reads this post. And I drew one of my favorites:

The Warm and Healing Sulis!

Sulis, like many other ancient goddesses, has transformed over the years, and the origins of her worship are hidden in time. She was the Celtic deity of the healing warm springs at Bath and her name means either eye/gap or sun. When the Romans came to Britain they syncretized her with the Roman goddess Minerva. She is the life-giving mother Goddess of healing waters, nourishment, vision, the sun, and, strangely, of curses (tablets were found in her springs that requested justice or vengeance against theft). It’s theorized that her aspect as a sun goddess took her to the underworld in her travels each day, so that she was a Goddess of light and darkness.

My favorite approach to the energy and wisdom of Sulis is from The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky (it is also the card deck I used for this post – you can see the card image below). Amy sees Sulis primarily in her aspect of offering warm healing waters, and in understanding the depths that create illness in order to heal.

“Illness is a way for us to come face-to-face with what is no longer working for us and change it. Have you been ignoring your own deep requests for more time, more space, more attention? Perhaps you have been too busy attending to everyone else’s needs and putting your own last. Perhaps illness is the only way out of a messy or painful situation. Do you experience any resistance to being in the dance of illness/wellness? Any blame? Regardless of what brought you to this dance, you are here and you need to put everything aside that doesn’t nourish and support your healing.” Amy Sophia Marashinsky

I have never been to Bath, but I do know about the healing properties of water. We all do! Drinking a warm beverage, taking a hot shower, relaxing in the tub, going to the ocean, taking a swim or a paddling a kayak in a lake, watching a river flow – all are supremely delightful ways to find healing. And as Amy says, to experience the healing of rest, warmth, time, nourishment, and space we need to give our healing (and our staying healthy) priority.

Do you give your wellness priority? Do I? I know that I’ve had illnesses that were absolutely because I needed to rest and take a break from my life. How about you? And I would say that, at times, that was completely fine with me. I pushed when I needed to push, and when I couldn’t do it anymore my body gave me an “out” that the people around me could understand much more than saying I needed to take time for myself. Taking time for ourselves isn’t exactly condoned in our culture, is it? Still I would like to heal the cycle of Illness/Wellness and learn to make choices that allow me to say, “I need time for myself, I need to rest, I need a break”, before I get sick!

I’m getting much better at it. How about you? Here’s to nourishing your wellness with love and caring, and some warm water perhaps. You can always ask Sulis to help you to know when you need to rest and/or to practice healing behavior for yourself. I certainly do! She’s a warm, gentle guide who can also help you see what you do that is shadowy and leads to feeling unwell.

I’m wishing the very best health and wellness for all of you!  

Love and Healing,



Sulis from The Goddess Oracle, Illustration by Hrana Janto