Love Birds (image by Fabrizio Verrecchia)

Do you ever wake up in the morning and life seems grey and miserable? The sun may be shining, but you aren’t! Maybe you’re going over (and over) mistakes you made yesterday. Perhaps you’re dreading something you need to do today, or someone has done something that hurt or angered you. Whatever it is, you’re starting your day in a disturbed mood, and really, you’d rather not!

Here’s a practice I use that helps me change upset to peace. And it’s pretty simple…
Look on the things that are bothering you and assume love.

Let’s say your friend stood you up – again – you’re angry and hurt! Instead of making a big story out of how she always does this, or doesn’t respect you, take a moment and assume love. Regardless of what she did, assume she loves you, and you love her. Feel that love. Let that be the truth of the story.

You’re trying to lose weight but you ate that piece of pie anyway! Assume that eating pie was one valuable way to show love for yourself in that moment – assume love. The more you love yourself (vs being judgmental and mean) the more you’ll choose what’s truly best for you, and consequently acquire a healthy weight. Isn’t that version of the story at least as true as the one in your head that says you’re a fat slob who never does anything right?

Will you need to take steps, or set boundaries, or change your behavior in order to achieve your goals and care for yourself? Oh, yes! But assuming love doesn’t change that. It just makes it more likely to work, a positive starting place for a beautiful solution.

And it makes life so much more delightful right now!