Image by Cheryl Haezebroeck at theintrepidgoddess,com

This is a quick practice to maintain peace, or to introduce it into a trying day. It’s simple, only requires a bit of attention, and you can do it over and over (in fact, I recommend using it as needed). Here we go…It’s so simple I feel a bit silly sharing it! But it does work, and the more you do it the more you realize you can have an effect on how you feel and how you take the things that come up in life.

Peace in All Things Practice:

  • Breathe in slowly and completely, exhale the same way. Allow yourself to stop and look inward, at yourself.
  • Drop your shoulders (I know they’re up around your ears  – mine too!).
  • Smile, or grin. Feel the lovely energy this washes through your body and mind. Ahhhh!
  • Love where you are right now. In this very moment let yourself appreciate yourself, what’s happening, what you have, who you are with, etc. Let it all be OK, and more than OK, for this moment
  • Rinse & Repeat as needed.

It can seem hard sometimes to do this in the swirl and pulse of the day, but practice makes it easier and more effective. Introducing this still time into your life has all sorts of benefits from greater mental clarity and focus to more calm and happy vibes. I especially use it when I know it’ll be a hectic day, and I know it will go much better if I take the time to check in with myself and allow love and appreciation to bubble up. You may already have a practice like this that you use – if so, just think of this as a gentle reminder to use it and care for yourself in the thick of things.

Wishing you a glorious and peaceful day! I’d love hearing your experience, and if this works for you or if you have another practice that you use to access peace.

Love, Cheryl