Flowery Feb by Cheryl

I don’t write much about myself here unless it’s related to a practice I want to share. I usually save that for Instagram, but maybe it’s time to share more here too. So below you’ll find 7 things about me right now – off the cuff and unedited!

1)  Flowers – I CRAVE flowers in February! I still enjoy the snow, that glorious white and blue color scheme, the brightness of sun with nothing to shade it, the clarity and super-chilled air. But I need flowers too! So, many of my post images will be flowers this month (digging deep into my old photos). I’m calling it Flowery Feb

2)  Well, you probably know I’m blogging for 30 days but I haven’t shared the main reason for doing this. It’s about making major changes – especially in my business – by listening to myself and allowing myself to do things I love in the way that works best for me. You can be your own worst boss, trust me! You begin with joy and a good balance, but along the way you could get lost. You want to do what everyone says to do – what successful others do (hoping it will rub off?), and you really want be there for everyone, and also to be awesome! Fine, but when you wake up one morning and want to just chuck it all in the trash, then you know it’s not exactly working for you. So, this is a recalibration, and a test, and a checking in. And me being me – for better, or even better.

3)  I began exercising 6 days a week recently – and I’m really pretty into it! I’m mixing free weights with yoga and some sort of movement – like biking, walking, or dance. The variety is key to longevity for me. It’s been a while since I was this dedicated…like a looong while. So, if you hear moaning in the background – well, that’s just me getting in shape.

4)  I’m madly in love…I can’t deny it! And the subject is our girl Gracie. If you’re on Instagram with me you’ve probably seen her – our lovely, calico kitty. She’s almost 2 years old now and still just as much of a minx as ever! She is my loyal office assistant, paper eater, stalker, goofy girl, lap cat, and full of so much energy and fun. When we lost Mulligan I didn’t want another cat, I was too sad, and there are definitely pluses to not having a pet. But my sweet husband finally got me to the shelter to look at the cats, and of course that only ends one way! I’m very, very grateful every day. Even when she eats my stuff.

5)  I spent the last few weeks of January sorting things out. Wow! That always makes me feel better! How about you? I mean, I put it off and put it off, and then it’s fabulous! Well, it’s also quite hard sometimes, but the release is so worth it. In my sorting I found some oracle and tarot decks I no longer want. I’ll be sharing these on Instagram soon because I’d love to give them to someone who would like them. Look for that in a few days!

6)  I have painting to do and it seems the weather refuses to cooperate. I’m just going to have to suck it up! It’s interior painting – so I would like to have the windows open for safety (even with low VOC paints you should have ventilation). This just points out the wisdom of one of my firm design rules – get the painting done BEFORE you move in. Because afterward it is going to be 10 times more annoying and difficult, so you will put it off for 2 years, or so (or maybe that’s just me…it’s my rule after all). But I’m going to get it done. I said it here – you’re holding me to it! Thank you!!

7)  I’m so happy it is February!! The days are noticeably longer. I don’t like to will away time, and I don’t hate Winter, but by February I’m thinking of Spring. And I can see it from here! It seems strange to begin a year in the middle of Winter, or Summer. Maybe it really begins with the first Spring flower that peeks out of the soil, or the first day you can go to work and come home in daylight, or perhaps when you can actually feel the sun warm on your shoulders. Of course my “New Year’s Day” would be quite specific to where I live and the weather there. It would change each year. Chaos! But I think I will still declare my own first day of a new year (and of Spring) with flowers and warmth. And I can still celebrate the traditional one – the more celebrating the better I say! Right now, I will be joyful that I have a fireplace, and lots of candles, and warm food because an ice storm is coming. I’ll be staying inside soaking up all the cozy Winter offers me.

Well, there we go!! That wasn’t so bad! I’d love to learn more about you and how you are today too. Drop me a line at cheryl@theintrepidgoddess.com or post your 7 Things About You on Instagram.

And speaking of new years – Happy Chinese New Year!