My Hearts for Valentine’s Day

It’s Not Too Late to Create!

I’ve been playing with paper and fabric over the past couple of days. It’s a gift to create things with your hands and play with different materials. A gift I often don’t allow myself time for – how about you? And since the weather here is so bad that I can’t go out, it’s also a great time to practice something I value – and that is using what you have! It’s quite close to Valentine’s Day, but it isn’t too late to make something to decorate your home or to give to a friend for that special day. These little projects cost me very little time and no expense since they were made with things I had around. I like how that forces you to be creative in a different way. Below I’ll be sharing my quick (and free to me) creations This isn’t a how-to post so I will keep it brief, but if you want more information on how I did anything please drop me a line! (You’ll find my email address below.)


I whipped up 6 of these last night after dinner. It was so much fun!! And I remembered how much I enjoy simple sewing. I had to use fabric I had around, which was a bit of a drag as there isn’t much here, but then I saw it as a quick way to decide what to do – those limitations can be useful! I had wanted to make some hand sewn hearts embellished with yo-yos, but as I was completely lacking some vital components I settled for just the yo-yos. And I had a very pleasant evening playing with fabric and making a few pretties to add to my home for Valentine’s Day.



Paper Hearts:

These are made from paper, and more paper, and glue or double stick tape. I also used my collection of vintage Valentines to decorate the hearts. I wanted something fun (and fun to make) to hang in my office to celebrate the day of hearts, and flowers, and love. But these could be attached to a card to create a handmade Valentine, or taped onto a gift instead of being used for decoration.

To begin I drew half of a heart on folded card stock and cut that out to make a template for my hearts – then I just traced that onto the paper I wanted to make a heart ornament from and cut it out. To make the scalloped borders I hand drew a larger scalloped heart onto the coordinating paper and cut that out, then I glued the two hearts together. I added a copy of a vintage Valentine (with glitter, of course!) to most of my hearts, though you wouldn’t need to. I also used silver cording to create a hanger for the heart by taping the cording in a loop to the back of the heart. I added another heart to the back to cover the hanger and finish things off.



The front of one of the decorative hearts, before adding the vintage card.

The back of one of the hearts after adding the hanger loop.


Finished heart!


Another finished heart – this one with just glitter.

I had a blast making these little projects and it’s fun to share them with you! I only hope they remind you to take time to play and make things with your hands. Happy Tuesday! And I’ll “see” you tomorrow on my 30 Days of Blogging Love challenge. (Oh! And you can reach me at my email address with any questions or comments – I do love emails from you!)



PS: You can see close up’s of all of these projects in my Instagram account.