Turning Leaf on Red by Cheryl

Are you ready to Savor?

Hasn’t this been a fascinating year? It has been a year of review, release, and re-imagining for me. I’m at one of those places in life where the old ways and why’s of doing things no longer ring true, or inspire and motivate me either. That is actually quite a bit scary!! But also really exciting. 

One of my touchstones this year has been my Word of the Year – Embrace. I’m not sure what I would have done without it honestly! Really Embracing all of the good-bye’s, hello’s (and potential hello’s) this year has been the most helpful thing I could do. What a tumultuous journey! Whew! But as August ended I sensed that my work with the Word Embrace was pretty much done. (You can learn more about that here in my video.). It’s time for a new Word!! I’ve never changed my Word mid-year before, but I’m really excited about it trying it out now. Have you even changed yours? I’d love to hear about it!! (Email me at cheryl@theintrepidgoddess.com and tell me more!)

Since I’ve written a LOT about Word of the Year this year (and you know in the past too 🙂 And here’s my e-course about WOTY too.) I wanted to share this big change with you all and so…..(ta-da!!!) my new Word is Savor. My Words tend to evolve one into another and this is no exception – it just happened a bit early is all! Embracing life has moved me to a desire to Savor it. This is what I need now, and as with any Word, also what I want to learn more about too.

This time of year really lends itself to Savoring, doesn’t it? And it doesn’t have to be your Word for you to enjoy it either. Here is what I intend to “delight in, enjoy, or relish” (also get off on, revel in, or groove on – thank you Merriam-Webster!) during this gorgeous season. Perhaps you’ll join me! Let’s savor….

  • That Autumn smell – ohhh, yum!
  • The colors of Fall. Right now I’m imagining a golden-orange tree against a deep blue sky!
  • Shorter days
  • Coziness inside; and my favorite sweaters and denim jacket outside
  • Pulling out my boots and warm socks
  • Enjoying harvest, Halloween, football, and raking leaves!
  • Apple orchards and pumpkin patches
  • All of the mums and pumpkins
  • Bike rides and walks through crunchy leaves
  • Rainy, cozy days inside
  • Lighting a fire, and candles – lots of candles
  • Lazy weekends (no mowing!)
  • Putting the garden to bed
  • The very last picnics and motor bike rides
  • Exchanging ice cream treats for warm apple crisp
  • And planning and anticipating the coming of the Solstice Holidays

How could we not want to savor our lives and create beauty in this gorgeous season? I hope you all have a divine Autumn season and a fabulous fourth quarter!!
Lots of Love,