The Makeover

Design or Space Clearing:

We’ll work & play together for 4-6 weeks (based on your needs), and I don’t even have to come to your house due to the magic of Skype and the Internet. You’ll learn tools, skills, resources, and get all sorts of exciting ideas for transforming your space! I’ll share with you a process you can repeat as often as you like to makeover any area in your life. Depending on your schedule, you may have a wonderfully transformed space by the time our consultations end. If not you’ll have a detailed plan of attack, and the gumption to get it done.

You might choose to re-design a room, making it beautiful & functional to support your most delicious life! Or perhaps you want to focus on getting things cleared out and organized, so life is peaceful, clear, and runs more smoothly. We’ll work together to make it happen! I have a BS in Interior Design, and I’m a Certified Professional Organizer, but what really allows me to help you create an amazing outcome is an insatiable delight & interest in interior design and decoration, and lots of personal experience organizing, and reorganizing; decorating and redecorating (I’ve moved 30 times…that’s a lot of figuring it out in lots of different situations).  

How it Works:

  • 4-6 private Sessions, 60 minutes each, via phone or Skype; these will be 2 weeks apart, but this may vary depending on your needs (In person meetings are certainly available – contact me and we’ll work that out!)
  • You’ll learn a process to use on any design or clearing project
  • I’ll be sending you lots of useful information in PDF form to help you with the process
  • We’ll cover valuable skills (like space planning and creating a design theme)
  • I’ll introduce you to your personal goddess guide for the project in the first session, and in each subsequent session we’ll work with other guides whose energy and teachings will help support you throughout the process
  • I’ll share ideas, resources, techniques, and more, both in our sessions, and afterward via email.
  • I’ll be available by email between sessions for any questions you may have
  • You’ll receive thorough notes for each session with ideas, suggestions, pictures, etc. and a session recording, if desired.
  • Your choice of one free 60 minute follow-up Session, or 2 months email follow up
  • I offer (and recommend!) a free 20-30 minute “Getting to Know You” conversation where we can discuss your goals for your Makeover, I’ll answer questions you have, and we’ll see if I can help you. We’ll also learn if  we’re a good fit.

Makeover Program:

Choose from One Room Re-Design, Or One Area Clearing/Organization:

6 Session Program – $890

Extra Coaching, Design or Organizing sessions are available upon agreement, and after the purchase of a program, if desired. This could be additional floor plans or elevations, sourcing materials, problem solutions and ideas, research, organizing assistance, etc. as agreed upon. This is a custom program so we can tailor it to your needs.

Contact me here for more information, or to schedule a free “Getting to Know You” session to see if this is right for you. I can’t WAIT! Can you?

About the Makeover Program - Shelly says...


“I got so much out of Cheryl’s Makeover program!  I helped open my mind to possibilities and encouraged creativity in system design and interior decorating.  It helped me understand where my strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to clutter and organization and provided me with many tools to achieve my goals.  I had been struggling with mounting clutter for years and had become discouraged, but Cheryl’s Makeover program helped me overcome my feelings of overwhelm and inertia.  I am now well on my way to having a clutter-free, organized and beautiful home!  My home is my sanctuary, so I’m honored to have had Cheryl’s help in making it a more enjoyable, beautiful environment. Thank you Cheryl!!”

Shelly Margaret Smith

About The Makeover - Cathy says....

When I started this program, I really felt I had no talent or ability when it comes to design or style. Cheryl helped me learn how to decide what feeling I want to create in a room, and how to create it. The whole process was very fun and never felt like a chore. Cheryl also taught me processes to use to clear out clutter that were really helpful – and made the whole task much less overwhelming. She has a way of helping you make even the not so fun tasks seem more fun, and empowering! I received step-by-step notes and instructions I can easily use in the future in other areas of my home. She has so many wonderful ideas and suggestions, she helped me figure out what I wanted and how to do it. I now have a room that feels so peaceful and warm to me – which is just what I wanted! I think doing this program and making over my bedroom had a much bigger impact on my life than just making changes to a room.

Cathy O’Brien