Ahhh, romance! It’s delicious, foolish, necessary, a waste of time, sheer pleasure, or absolute pain. Some people love it, and others think it’s just a way to manipulate someone. Some people feel it’s strictly about a boy/girl relationship, or that it’s something someone does for, or to you. If you’re in the group who feel romance is silly and overdone – well, you’ve probably already stopped reading – but if you like a bit of deliciousness, sensuality, passion and love in your life, read on.

I can see why romance gets a bad rap. I was reading definitions of romance today and they range from true love, to something that lacks basis in fact (with several more or less flattering stops in between). Hmmmm. Interesting, yes? But romance is about love, and love is something we can feel for all types of people, and things, and places. I see no reason to limit it to a possible mate. Sure, romantic love is traditionally something you share with a person you desire, but romance can be about anything that makes you feel a bit swoony, or loved and cared for, or valued.

Here’s my definition of romance (also from the dictionary, but chosen to fit my experience of romance): an attraction or appeal to the emotions or senses, a love story, love, passion, a flirtation, an idyll. These are such delightful things to have in your life that I feel they shouldn’t be left up to chance, or a certain person, or even a novel or a movie. These are things you can create in your life right now to enhance beauty, joy, and pleasure!

With Valentine’s Day arriving fast I wanted to share a list I’ve been working on of ways to invite romance into your life. These don’t require a fellow participant, but they could certainly be shared with another. Mostly this list is intended to offer ways to love and care for yourself, to enjoy a delicious life full of joy, to know you don’t need to wait a single moment for another person to take care of you – you’ve got this! If I could teach one thing to my clients, myself, and to you, it would be to understand the truth that the most important relationship you have in this world is with yourself. Fortunately, that is one relationship you can make amazing right now!

Here is my list of ways to add romance to life. Enjoy!

Love, Cheryl