Transformation – Goddess Style: Just You & Me

What are your stuck places? Do you hate your job, relationship status, thighs? What fears make you feel miserable? Do you even remember what brings you joy? Do you have a gorgeous idea you want to make really happen, but you can’t seem to get past the dreaming stage? We all have ways of holding ourselves back. We forget our worth and beauty, or just stop seeing it. We become deeply lost in meaningless rules and sad stories.

It’s my joy and privilege to help amazing people, like you, transform their lives into something that is meaningful delightful. Lives full of love & color; blatantly unique, or quietly delicious. Lives that are about their truth and vision. To learn more about how we can transform your life together look HERE.

Goddess Inspiration Sessions

This is a single session guided by our intuition. It’s wonderful for when you’re feeling lost, or just want some support, or more information on a topic of concern. We’ll formulate a question about an issue that’s been causing you to worry, feel stuck, unhappy, or fearful. The question can simply be, “What do I need to know about [your area of concern] now?” With that information I’ll intuitively, and with guidance, choose an oracle deck and draw a card. I’ll send you an image of the card before our session and then we’ll meet and explore the message there for you. We’ll dig deep into the imagery, the personal symbols, and the information your intuitive Self has to share with you. As always I’ll offer ideas, tools, and insight to help you. My clients have found this approach to be eye-opening, fun, and right on track! Look here for more information and to schedule a time.

The Makeover! Design or Space Clearing (or Both)

What’s the most disappointing space in your home? The one you long to make orderly, gorgeous, or delightful! The space where you could build an amazing business, practice yoga, make your art, cook a delicious meal, sleep! If only you could get it under control. I mean you’ve TRIED! But it’s a magnet for mess. Everyone has these spaces – dream space, I call it. You fantasize about how it might be. The truth…these spots aren’t a mistake, they’re waiting for you to notice them for a reason. Together we’ll tackle your worst home area. We’ll make it what you long for, and while we do that we’ll do some insightful inquiry to address the inner triggers that contribute to the outward mess. You’ll have a delightful new space, more mental freedom and peace, and the knowledge of how to keep it that way.  Look here to find out more!

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