A Play Date with Life!

My creation space – Cheryl

Your worries, fears, and grief are serious. I’m not brushing off or trivializing your darker side – in fact I’m good friends with my Shadow and we gain a lot from interacting! But I’ve found that solutions to serious concerns rarely come from serious, dark thinking. The solutions come from joy, play, creating, sharing and by lightening up so you can see more clearly, and open up to your own innate and wise inspiration.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

This one-to-one session is all about healing, feeling better, playing, and solving your concerns via your own joy and wisdom. The path may take you through grief and fear as well, but you’ll have the tools to find clarity and put this in perspective. Together we’ll talk, brainstorm, and create – sharing our work via text, email, Instagram direct messaging – or whatever works best for you. There is joy in making things, and creating together, and also in sharing our creations and talking about our insights.

The Details:

  • This is a 90 minute long, private 1-to-1 session
  • Once you sign up we’ll communicate via email to coordinate the exact “hows” for your personal session – including the tools you’ll want to bring.
  • During the session we’ll talk, and brainstorm, and then create an inspired collage, gluebook or art journal page, drawing, painting – or whatever you prefer (you can even use Legos or other 3-D type tools). This is play! And we’ll let the answers, insight, and guidance bubble up from our heads and hearts to our hands and onto the page. Afterwards, we’ll share our art and talk about the insights you’ve gained. We’ll talk about teeny-tiny, playful action steps you can take. I’ll jot down notes to send you about your discoveries and hopes, and offer ideas for your beautiful life.
  • Schedule your session here. If you don’t see a time that works for you, please contact me at cheryl@theintrepidgoddess.com and we will find a time that does work.
  • Call me on the date and we’ll create together and find the “just right” inspiration for you! And you’ll carry with away with you an approach to address your darkest concerns.
  • Follow up emails are included for 2 weeks after we meet; and 60 minute follow-up coaching sessions can be booked as needed or desired too.

If you’re like me making things, being creative, and letting my wild inner-self out to play is the best way to get moving, hear myself, and to heal the upsetting and stressful thoughts and happenings that can clog up my beautiful life. The image at the top is from a series of artist trading cards I did that helped me to deal (lovingly) with, and heal from my divorce. (You can read more about that process in this post.) That experience (and many others later) was the inspiration for this consultation. I can’t wait to offer what I’ve learned to you, and share the joy of self-guidance and inspiration.