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Just You & Me: Life Coaching Packages

It is my deepest desire that each of us enjoy a gorgeous, delight-filled, beloved, and sacred life. And it’s my calling to help people do just that! Life coaching is a fairly new profession that focuses on helping people work through thoughts, beliefs, fears, and other normal mental structures that can keep us from the life we want to live. There are a variety of ways to do this. My approach is one I’ve learned through many life experiences, in training with Martha Beck (one of the first life coaches, and in my opinion the best), and via  constant curiosity and learning.

In each session we’ll attend to the area(s) in your life where you feel most unhappy and create space there for transformation. I share tools, practices, visualizations, meditations, intuition, and more, to help you uncover and heal the stuff that holds you back. And I listen. Our sessions are a sacred space where you are safe, heard, and supported.

And we do have fun! It’s not necessarily about fun….but it’s not about misery either! We may access some deep and difficult emotions and thoughts, but we’ll also find joy and things to laugh about. After all, laughter heals too. Join me for a free conversation for more information and to determine how I can help you.

Here’s how it works:

3 or 6 Session Packages:

  • Sessions are offered every two weeks (unless you require different timing based on your needs).
  • Sessions are 60 minutes of focused attention.
  • I offer comprehensive notes that include action steps, further tools and practices to try, as well as a summary of what we covered during the session. My clients really like these and save them for reference. This allows you to be fully present during the session with no worries about note taking.
  • Recordings are also available upon request.
  • Email availability between sessions for questions and follow up.
  • I draw an oracle card for each session to enhance our intuition, and provide added insight.
  • If you’ve never worked with me, I offer (and recommend!) a free 20-30 minute “Getting to Know You” conversation where we can discuss your goals for working with me, answer questions you have, and see if we’re a good fit for working together.

3 Session Package – $230

6 Session package – $460

Click HERE to schedule a session. Or email me at I’d love to hear from you!

"I love our sessions!"

“Specifically: your excellent listening skills, your deep compassion and willingness to adapt to wherever I am at the moment, your ability to help me arrive at my own insights, the intuitive guidance you share, and your knowledge of  and wisdom/creativity in using the various tools for each issue.”

Shelly M. Smith

"I really like the session notes."

“They were thorough, yet not too long. I was able to let go into the session knowing I didn’t have to take notes and would still have the information I needed. I think that allowed me to be more present and got to greater lengths each session.”

Morganne K. Maher

"I feel like I can talk to you openly and honestly, and don't have to explain myself."

“I love that you combine practical tools and action steps with spirituality, meditation, goddesses, and all that good stuff. It’s right up my alley…I can be me, and you understand me.”

Cathy O’Brien